Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Grobag Candy Cloud sleeping bag review

I have had the privilege of reviewing the Grobag Baby Sleeping Bag £19 on sale (Candy cloud 6-18 months). The sleeping bag is a beautiful pink striped design in 100% cotton, designed to keep my little one nice and warm.
I selected the 2.5 tog due to the current/approaching cold winter weather. I must say that my little girl seems to be more than happy in the snug warmth (whilst the parents battle the cold temperatures).

The idea behind the Grobag, is promoting safe sleeping, which is endorsed by the Lullaby Trust. The ease at which it takes to secure my daughter within, demonstrates this safety concept.

I will also like to state that the Grobag has certainly assisted with what used to be an exhausting evening. The fact that the Grobag keeps my baby snug and limited in movements, means less kicking and fidgeting, and more time sleeping.

When I received the Grobag, the first thing that sprung to mind was the lovely packaging. The cardboard packaging that the Grobag comes inside, is superb and there is a nice touch, with a small card showing how the sleeping bag design looks like.
You can also find information about choosing the correct tog, size, safety.

I am particularly impressed by the enclosed thermometer, which we use in our living room, to check the temperature.

Design features:
- double popper for extra security
 - under arm poppers to be used for babies between 8.8- 10lb 
- Zip-click cover stops adventurous little ones from opening their zips

Due to L being a little bit small for it, even though she is 7 months old I have some feedback which would help improve an already excellent product. They are as follows:

  • more broad/specific sizes required, such as 0-6, 6-12 etc.
  • buttons/option to fold lower half of Grobag to make it less long
  • perhaps a plain/budget option would appeal to those unable to afford a Grobag.
Despite the minor disadvantages, the Grobag is a lovely sleeping bag product for my baby and I would definitely recommend to my friends & family.Disclaimer: I was sent the above item for the purpose of this review. All thought and opinions are my own.


  1. I like this really honest review. I've bought these or similar for gifts in the past as I think they're brilliant and my 2 have both used one. But I agree the sizing could be looked at and definitely a cheaper option would be good -I even picked a nearly new one up for next to nothing at a sale once and it had hardly been used because of the sizing x

  2. Emily Loves her grobag! she has slept in it every night since she was small. Such a honest review! I think that having a popper half way down to fold over the extra bit is a good idea. x
    Steph | www.raisingemily.net

  3. We adore Gro bags, have used them for all my children over the last 9 years. They make sleeping a lot safer and you know the temperature remains constant. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. I couldn't agree more on the sizing, we have one and it's great but so long.

  5. i love grobags i have used them on my little two since birth. This one is a lovely design. x

  6. I am a Furious Traveler and my 5 Years little baby some times with me in traveling so that i need a baby sleeping bag so what you would recommend for my baby its a boy you know :)

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