Tuesday, 17 February 2015

MAM tableware set review

The MAM Complete Tableware Set ( £19.99 at BabiesRUs) offers a superb set of items for every step of your baby’s development.

The set comprises of:

MAM Starter cup 150ml
Featuring a soft spout ideal for the transition from breast or bottle to training cup. The starter cup is easy to use, with anti-slip on the inside for little hands. The lightweight and curved waist design with removable handles makes it especially easy to hold. Spill-free (with valve) or free-flow without valve.

MAM Learn To Drink Cup 270ml
MAM designers have developed an innovative Learn To Drink Cup from which babies can learn to drink on their own. With soft spout for an easy switch from bottle or breast to a Learn To Drink Cup a Spill-free (with valve) or free-flow without valve, it's easy to hold with a stylish design.
MAM Dipper Set
The Mam Dipper Set is an ideal introduction to cutlery for your baby. Perfect for baby's first stages of self-feeding the handles are just the right size for tiny hands with a velvety surface for a perfect grip. The special safety shield prevents them from going too far into baby's mouth.

MAM Feeding Spoons and Cover
The Mam Feeding Spoons and Cover Set includes 2 spoons in different sizes. The long spoon easily reaches the bottom of deeper jars, and allows you to hold the spoon together. The short, broad spoon is designed for baby's small hands and is ideal to use on their own. Includes compact and space saving cover with two compartments to keep the spoons clean, and hygienically separated.

MAM Cutlery Set
Fully functional Mam Cutlery Set for baby. Includes knife with safe edge, fork with gently pointed prongs, and spoon. Functional non-slip textured design.

MAM Feeding Bowl and Lid
The Mam Feeding Bowl features two separate compartments, ideal for storing or feeding different foods. The practical handle makes the feeding bowl easy and comfortable for parents to hold, even with just one hand. The tight fitting lid is great for storing and travelling.

Mam Feeding Bowl and Plate
The Mam Feeding Bowl and Plate makes learning to eat much easier for babies. Step 1 - Use the plate as a non-slip base for the bowl. The deeper bowl makes scooping easier. Step 2 - The plate can now be used on it's own as a non-slip dish.

Mam Storage Pots
3 storage pots perfect for storing or freezing homemade foods or breastmilk in convenient portions.

At present we have only used the spoons, starter cup for drinking, storage pots and feeding bowl. The other products I plan on testing when L is older/more developed. I am particularly interested to see how L handles the larger bottle and knife/folk, should be messy!

I must admit that the items are very good quality! Being in use every single day they not only wash well but look like new!

I particularly like the storage pots (set of 3, holds 4oz each), they are incredibly useful as I tend to do vegetable/fruit purees myself and if I have some leftovers I can store them in a pot or even use them on the go. Having 3 pots in a set makes the tableware set pretty much ideal. I have used all 3 and never needed to purchase more.
  • screw-on lid
  • can be sterilised and microwavable
  • allows writing contents on a pot
We didn't have much success with a training bottle as L just didn't like it at all so we are using a different brand at the moment. 

Feeding bowl and spoons are constantly in use by myself (feeding) or L (playing). 
L likes bright colours and I like:
- the softness of the spoons as it allows to scoop purees or mash the food and clean L's face 
- they do not slip due to its non-slip surface
- spoons come with a cover which means you can use them on the go
the bowl is deep enough which makes scooping easier

A minor negative is, the set I received was in green. Which perhaps is me being picky, but I have a little girl and she is into her pink at the moment. Now I have been online recently and noticed that MAM do a pink version of the set, so in an ideal world pink would have been my requested colour, but needless to say the colour is merely trivial compared to how well the product performs.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above items for the purpose of this review. All thought and opinions are my own.

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  1. What a great set for when you start weaning - it has everything you need! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested