Sunday, 8 February 2015

#Babysleep experiment day 4

Every Saturday we leave L with grandparents for couple of hours so that we can do our weekly shopping. Plus side is that our relatives can spend time with her,negative- I do not trust anyone else with L. But I will try my best to follow the advice of Jo Tantum- Pampers sleep expert.

Day 4 (Saturday):
8:52- woke up
9:10- breastfeeding
10:50- feeding
11:30- sleeping
12:30- woke up
14:00- feeding,breastfeeding
14:40- attempting to sleep
15:10- asleep
15:44- cried/soothed to sleep
16:45- woke up
18:00- feeding
19:00- walk/sleeping
20:00- breastfeeding
21:50- breastfeeding
22:00- attempting sleep
22:39- asleep
23:40- woke up crying/screaming/co-slept

As you can see routine went out of the window, I'm not very comfortable when L has to sleep in a different place, my trust issues are not helping either as I keep thinking that they didn't do what I asked etc. 

On a positive note, during the day I took L upstairs to sleep, and whilst she played with a cot bumper and was babbling to herself I decide to leave the room, but made sure she won't see me. Few minutes later she was snoozing! It's a little progress!

Any advice on how to relax and trust grandparents with L?

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