Tuesday, 10 February 2015

#Babysleep experiment day 6

Yesterday wasn't too bad, apart form L not sleeping when we went for a walk, I think it might be due to sleeping for such a long time before.

At night L was screaming/crying as for the past few days but I'm so used to it now.

Day 6 (Monday):
9:05- woke up
09:10- breastfeeding
10:10- feeding
11:00- asleep
11:35- awake
13:00- feeding
13:25- breastfeeding
13:30- attempting sleep
13:45- sleeping
16:05- awake
16:20- breastfeeding
16:45- woke up
17:00- feeding/wasn't feeding well
18:10- walk/didn't sleep
20:50- breastfeeding
21:00- asleep
23:40- woke up crying/screaming/co-slept whilst wearing Pampers baby-dry

I'm a little bit confused when I should feed and breastfeed L, when I attempt to feed she doesn't want it for some reason.

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