Friday, 29 November 2013

My booking appointment with a midwife

Last week I have received a letter from hospital saying that they booked a community midwife home visit, which I had this Thursday.
I wrote a list of questions to ask, prepared my pregnancy notes and information about my previous illnesses.

Midwife seemed quiet reserved which made me think that it doesn’t really work for me as I would like to find common ground with a person I am going to see throughout my pregnancy as it was literally quiet impossible.
Overall, I didn't enjoy my first ever experience with the midwife, if you remember I did mention in one of my previous posts that I feel like I'm on my own here with my pregnancy, still feel the same way.

First of all, the midwife was from the wrong area, not the closest to our house, so I had to ask her to refer me to our local children's centre, meaning I would need to wait till beginning of next year- my 16 weeks appointment.

Secondly, after she left I looked at my pregnancy notes and she ticked lots of boxes saying “discussed” and things never been discussed or leaflets given.

I feel like I am back to square one, its my first ever pregnancy and I feel neglected, next weeks I'm going to be 12 weeks, which deems to be dangerous trimester and no one examined me internally or externally. Maybe it is normal I don’t know that, for me it is certainly far from being normal...Do I need to be more forceful?!

Was it different for you or similar?

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Personal Planner review

I like to buy quirky things, but when it comes to card holders, organisers (diaries, planners) I prefer simple, understated, cheap things. The organiser I use at the moment was bought for 99p. And I'm extremely happy with its size, colour and was actually planning to buy similar one for 2014.

Few months ago I came across Personal Planner and I totally liked the idea of creating my own customised planner. I was lucky enough to win one, thank you, Tracy from WhiteLily Green.

It's very quick and easy to create one.

1. You can choose from various sizes and prices

2. You can choose front and back cover from options offered or upload your own image

3. You can choose inlay design

4. You can choose additional back pages front and back cover from options offered or upload your own image
5. You can choose owners info page  front and back cover from options offered or upload your o

I certainly like the idea of customised planners, but I would like to see more value options as well as a bigger variety of sizes for those who cant afford expensive things, but want to have something trendy.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pregnancy update 8 (10) weeks

Last week we were brave enough to tell our close relatives that we are expecting. I feel so relieved now, I needed a little bit more support and understanding from people, who know exactly how I feel.

In my previous post I mentioned that booked appointment to see midwife. Few days later I received a letter from a hospital saying that I will see a midwife and have dating scan, I am thrilled, but worried that it will be rushed..but we have to wait and see..


Visible changes in my body: when I wear trousers it feels a bit tighter in a waist area

How do I feel: nauseous, sick

Cravings: I have more things I don’t feel like eating than cravings

Any other changes: increased sense of smell driving me mad- feel sick when my hubby uses deodorant, feel sick when I'm in the kitchen while hubby cooks; just generally anything can trigger my sickness. Yesterday I felt sorry for myself, couldn’t stop crying.

Baby: According to the time when we conceived our baby I am sure baby is around 8 weeks, but according to doctors calculations its 10 weeks (which still doesn’t make any sense to me). I guess we will get proper due date on our first appointment with a midwife.

How did you deal with sickness?

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My first antenatal (booking) appointment booked! Yay!

I know its been only a week and a bit since I have told my GP that I'm pregnant, but today (actually last night) I have decided to chase up my local hospital to see if they received my referral.

Good news- they did receive it, but bad news for me- my first antenatal appointment will be only in 3 weeks, which makes me 10 or 12 weeks pregnant.

You may disagree with what I am going to write next, but as a first time mum-to-be I'm worried that it takes ages to see specialist and discuss all issues, questions etc. 

For me it is very important to know and be reassured that my baby and I are fine and everything is normal..I feel like I'm actually on my own with my pregnancy at the moment, yes I have supportive husband and Internet, and any questions can be answered with one click, but I prefer to speak with a real person, specialist, to do millions of tests etc etc. That will make me happy and satisfied and less worried.

Did you feel the same way when you were pregnant?

Friday, 8 November 2013

6 weeks (8 weeks) pregnancy

Early in October I started feeling weird period pains, period wasn't due yet but I felt that maybe I am pregnant and did a test, which showed 1 stripe. Even though I was a little bit upset I still had faith and took few tests with us on our honeymoon. In the middle of our holiday we found out that I am pregnant.

My husband was totally calm, but I felt that deep down I am panicking, I guess started realising that from now on our lives have to change for good.

We really enjoyed the rest of our honeymoon, I didn’t have any problems with nausea or anything else. But possibly the fact that our flight back home was like a never ending moment (7 hours flying, then transit for 9 hours and then another 6 hours flying) since then I didn’t feel that great.

As I didn’t really know what to do – to go to see doctor straight away or to wait, I did a small research via Internet and called few Gps and only after that called my gp to book an appointment. Appointment was very brief, she checked my blood pressure at least 4 times, gave me Emma's Diary magazine, and my Pregnancy note book (which will have information about myself and baby development throughout my pregnancy).

Visible changes in my body: breast are a bit bigger

How do I feel: tired, nauseous, worried (I check every time if I have bleeding, thinking am I still pregnant) and at the same time happy when I feel sick, as it means baby is still there.

Cravings: just everything I feel like (my cravings change every day)

Any other changes: stopped drinking coffee in the morning, started drinking green tea, have weird after-taste after every meal or snack (very annoying), wake up in the middle of the night to go to toilet (which isn’t great as after that I cant fall asleep), breast tenderness, increased sense of smell, I also have lots of spots like before period.

Baby: According to the time when we conceived our baby I am sure baby is around 6 weeks, but according to doctors calculations its 8 weeks (which still doesn’t make any sense to me).I guess we will get proper due date on our first appointment with a midwife.

Did we tell anyone: I am very tempted to our closest family members. It is impossible to hide from my mum and not to tell her, but I am still trying to convince her that I am not pregnant. After we came back from holiday she said straight away she said my face changed, my voice changed and was asking loads of question if I am pregnant..)

How did you feel at these early stages?

Tuesday, 5 November 2013