Friday, 31 July 2015

Review: My Shiny Shop pink tassel garland set

Last month we have been testing another product from My Shiny Shop- tissue paper garland for L's first birthday party.

We were planning to have a BBQ in our garden and I wanted our house and our garden to be in the same colour scheme. I don't think many people paid attention to small details but I thought that garden looked so much better with bright, girly colours.

"We specialise in stylish wardrobe essentials, beautiful gifts and decorative room accessories for babies and children up to 10. We stock great brands from all around the globe. Some brands are entirely new to the UK. I found that there are some incredible brands out there that few people know about. I started my journey to bring these products into the UK spotlight. So you know what you're buying is not just beautiful and well-made, it's also unique".

The set includes 20 sheets of coloured (foil gold, pink, cyclamen, raspberry pink and burgundy) pre-cut tissue paper, 4.2 m of twine and 4 secure cords for gold tissue.
Even though putting together is quite a time consuming process it is very easy to do:
- separate sheets of tissue paper and roll each sheet
- when rolled fold it in half down the centre
- whilst folded put a finger or a pencil in between halves and twist the top up to pre-cut section. For gold tissues use small plastic cord supplied to secure twisted tassel
- put the twine through after each tassel, mix and match colours

We will be keeping the garland for the next BBQ or birthday party or I might even use it to decorate L's nursery when she is ready to sleep on her own.
L is very tempted to rip it apart aka play with it don't blame her it looks pretty!

The set is for those who don't have much time on their hands. This great colourful garland set is available in different colours to suit your party.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above items for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Why I can't tell when teething strikes

L is almost 13 months and I still can't tell when she is teething. I'm so used to her crying and being unsettled that sometimes I just don't see the signs of teething. 
I'm not ignoring her crying or let her suffer, I always attend L when she is crying and needs me and I will give her paracetamol when I see she is in pain. But can never tell when it's teething until I see and feel her gums.Does it make me a horrible, ignorant mum?

Since L was born we were told that she has a good pair of lungs and can just cry without a reason, then we were told that she is crying because has colic, it's another development stage, teething, jabs, hungry, constipated etc etc. 

My husband and I always debate whether to give her medication or to see if she is just being fussy. As I spend with L 24/7 I know what she is like during the day and evening but because she can be fussy for long periods of time without apparent reason, when teething strikes I'm simply not noticing it.
For instance for the past couple of weeks we had broken sleep, L can cry dozen of times throughout the night, won't accept her dummy which she normally likes and eventually when I rub her chest/tummy or breastfeed her will nod off on my arm. Morning and afternoon naps are a nightmare as well, she will sleep for 30 minutes and then will wake up crying and only fall asleep on me. At first I was just getting on with it, and I tried to have as much sleep during the day as possible (normally when she was sleeping on me). But since yesterday she just won't settle down for night sleep.

Can you tell when your little one is teething?

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Review: Kid's Concept pink wooden toy box

Kid's Concept have been very generous and offered us to review their pink wooden toy box (£39.90) few weeks ago which we have been testing since then.

"Kids Concept UK is an established Swedish brand that offers unique, original concepts and designs of childrens bedroom and nursery accessories, baby bedding, toys and gifts for children ages 0 - 7 yrs".

The box came flat-packed and only required putting 4 sides together by sliding wooden panels in slots and securing them with screws. It took me slightly longer than I expected (the instrution were much needed) but eventually I worked out which sides I need to slot and screw.

The box has 2 handles if you need to move the box, but if you or your little one prefer wheels, which can transform toy box into portable toy box and a walker (we all know babies like to use and play with random things) you can purchase  them separately.
Even though the box is not big (H30cmxW34cmxL34cm) it can fit quite a few small-ish toys and can be placed in the room where your little one plays from time to time.
That's what we did, we have a massive toy box in activity room with all kid's books mainly and Kid's Concept toy box in our living room so it looks not so messy when we have guests. 
Kid's Concept pink wooden toy box  is a great additional accessory for any room and can make a great present for a little girl or a boy (available in different colours).

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Review: Birthday Flash Banners

Almost a month ago L turned 1. As I wanted it to be a very special birthday I had different wall and free standing decorations in the same colour scheme (I will do a separate post about L's birthday and this decorations) and  and  lovely personalised LED flash banner Flash Flash Designs Ltd (£5.49).

"Flash Flash Designs Ltd was founded in November 2012. We are a new and dynamic company with some great and novel new inventions within the party decorations market with patent applications filed around the world. Our first invention was our truly amazing flashing happy birthday banners, that are currently available in a selection of colours, plus our top selling personalised birthday banners that can be customised for any age from 1st birthday to 100th. We also have our sensationally spooky happy Halloween banners in two designs". 

I have received Happy 1st Birthday pink flash banner which has a flashing centre.
At first I thought that the moment I pull the safety tag it won't last long, but my dear husband helped me find on/off button.
The banner has fitted batteries and can flash for over 12 hour non-stop or you can switch it on and off when needed. 
The same button can also change different lighting modes from quick flash lights to non-flashing mode in red, green or blue.
All guests complemented the flash banner and wished they had known about the company earlier. 

I also think it is a great sensory "toy" for little one's as L thoroughly enjoyed rapid and slow colour change.
Flash Flash Desigs banners can be re-used if it's not personalised and can be a great keepsake if bought for a special occasion.

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Peppa Pig's Surprise live show tickets giveaway

I have a new exciting giveaway for you, my lovely readers- 1 family ticket to (a family ticket is for 4 people, minimum 1 adult) attend a new Peppa Pig live stage show Peppa Pig's SurprisePlеasе scroll to thе bottom to find out how to еntеr.

A new Peppa Pig live stage show, PEPPA PIG’S SURPRISE, will tour the UK & Ireland from autumn 2015 with dates currently being booked for 2016. Produced by leading children’s theatre team Fiery Light, in partnership with licensor Entertainment One, this brand new show marks the seventh consecutive year of Peppa Pig live theatre tours (first tour in 2009) and the fourth Peppa Pig stage production in total.
Peppa Pig's Big Splash UK Tour 2014
PEPPA PIG’S SURPRISE will tour for over fifteen months throughout the UK and into Ireland and will include a sixth consecutive Peppa Pig Christmas West End run (details tba). The show will have its world premiere at the Orchard Theatre in Dartford from Friday 23 October.
Peppa Pig's Big Splash UK Tour 2014

It’s a lovely day and Peppa is playing outside with her friends. Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig have got a surprise for her and her younger brother George but no matter how hard they try, they cannot guess what it is. In PEPPA PIG’S SURPRISE audiences will enjoy interactive fun, games and, of course, surprises. 

This charming, colourful new show features new songs and new life-size puppets. Peppa Pig’s Surprise promises to be the perfect theatre show for all pre-schoolers. Suitable for ages 3+.

Currently one of the most popular shows on the UK and Ireland theatre touring circuit, Fiery Light’s Peppa Pig live stage show experience has now gone international with a production running in Australia and another opening in the US in autumn 2015. 


To еntеr thе givеaway plеasе fill out the Rafflecopter form below (the competition will starts on 24 July 12am and ends on 31 August 12am):

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Nourkrin® post pregnancy tablets 1 month update

If you remember over a month ago I have started taking Nourkrin® post pregnancy tablets (£29.95) as I suffer with postpartum hair loss. 

I was extremely excited to start the course as I didn't feel beautiful for a long time and after unsuccessful hair therapy at the local hairdressers I needed something that will definitely work.

"Nourkrin® post pregnancy for hair maintenance is a safe and drug-free OTC supplement to help maintain natural, beautiful hair for new mums".

One pack has 30 tablets which will last 1 month. I am taking 1 tablet daily in the morning after the food as recommended.
I must admit I have days when I forget to take a tablet, especially if distracted but I try my best and if missed one day I will make sure to take a tablet the next day.

For the first few weeks I didn't notice any results but couple of weeks later I noticed that my hair are softer to touch, look healthier and I certainly noticed less hair in my drain. 

See for yourself:

I have 2 more months to go and I can't wait to see even better results.

Disclaimer: I was provided with 3 sets of Nourkrin tablets for the purpose o these updates. All opinions are honest and my own.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Holiday essentials with Chemist Direct

Every summer when my parents used to take me on holiday I always ended up being ill or having lots of bruises nothing changed since then. During my last 'single' holiday in Crete I had a cold for the most of our stay no matter how warm the weather was I couldn't shake it off for a long time. 
This year we re going on our first holiday abroad as a family of 3 and thanks to Chemist Direct we are prepared for cuts, sore throats, headaches and even mosquito bites.

" is the UK's number 1 online retailer* of pharmacy medications, specialist skincare products, everyday essential toiletries, vitamins, supplements and we even stock a dedicated range of products to keep your pets happy and healthy. By shopping with us you can browse a larger range than your average High Street pharmacy whilst still being able to fulfill prescriptions via our team of GPhC registered pharmacists and all from the convenience of your own home". 

Chemist Direct is an easy to navigate website:
- if you are looking for specific medicines you can find a type of problem or concern under that section and view all creams and tablets (e.g. hayfever or fungal infection)
- you can search the website by brand, product or condition
- you can also purchase vitamins, toiletries, treatments for pets, healthy lifestyle solution and baby related products.

As I wanted to have something bigger than an ordinary First Aid bag I have opted for:

Prior to paying for the items I was asked few questions regarding the medicines that needed doctor's approval in order to proceed with the purchase e.g. will I be the only person taking the tablets, do I take any other medications. As you can see from the list above we are covered almost from everything. It can look like a long list but all of these products can fit in a medium size make up bag and are worth £50.15, not bad, eh?

The order arrived within 5 working days with glass bottles and sprays wrapped up in bubble wrap for extra security. 

We will be sure to use them on our up and coming holiday abroad, thank you, Chemist Direct!

Disclamer: Chemist Direct have provided £50 towards my order and I had to pay remaining £0.15 for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Review: Penwizard personalised book

It was quite interesting to watch L develop her love for books. When she was 6 months she preferred to chew on books rather than to look through them. Few months later when my mum brought more colourful books L would sit still for a while to look through the book with me normally this would only happen if she watches In The Night Garden show.

When I have looked through the book range at the Penwizard website I didn't know at first which book I should choose. My first initial reaction would be to pick something I like, but as L's first birthday was fast approaching I thought that she would love her own book with In The Night Garden characters for her 1st birthday (£14.99).

"Penwizard Personalised Books produce a range of unique customised books where you can star in the pictures and words of your own story alongside your favourite TV characters including Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly, In the Night Garden and The Snwoman and the Snowdog.
From fairytale princess adventures to a spellbinding tale of wizardry to even scoring the winning goal for your favourite football team you're sure to find the perfect gift".

You can personalise the book by picking the gender of the character and his or hers looks
(hair style and colour, eye colour and eye wear and skin tone and
lastly you can add you own personalised message.
The process is very simple and will take only few minutes of your time. I wasn't able to see the whole book preview online but I was sure that the book will be lovely.

The book arrived within 3-5 working days from the moment I ordered in a cardboard packaging. 

In The Night Garden is a hardback book which tells you a story how your beloved child has invited ITNG characters to celebrate his/hers birthday party, isn't that a peep?!
Characters look exactly the same as in the show itself, which means L can not only enjoy watching the show but also read, look through the book with her favourite Igle Piggle and Tombliboos.

Even though it's a short story it's a perfect present for your little one on their special day!

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

How to stay stress free when booking a holiday

For the past few months my husband and I are trying to find the best deal for our first holiday abroad as a family of 3. We have picked hotel and destination then changed our mind due to latest events in Tunisia which means we need to start searching again. 

It seems stressful as it's time consuming to find cheap family-friendly hotel but I guess not as stressful the day of the flight when you need to make sure that everything is packed, all documents are sorted, money exchanged and everyone is up and ready to go.

"Insight shows that though we greatly anticipate our holidays, the stress of organising the trip means that families or couples often start bickering before the trip has even begun. With this in mind, travel expert Purple Parking are running a campaign to help families avoid the pressure points that spark those bickering moments".

I came up with few recommendations which hopefully will help you to be more organised and less stressed:

- what's your budget? Lots of travel website or even local travel agents have different prices for the same hotel knowing what is your budget will give you and a travel agent a better idea of what sort of holiday they can offer or you should be looking out for.
- don't put too much stress on yourself. If you are planning to travel with family or friends, ask them to get involved. It's so much easier when someone else is involved. For instance they can find holiday destination and you can look for a hotel reviews or if the person picked the hotel you can search for the better deal.
- try not to leave booking the holiday till last. My husband thinks that we might get better deal 3 days prior to the flight I would agree with that if we didn't have limited budget and a child.
- look for deals online or speak directly to the agent via online chat, sometimes they can offer better prices or
- split the costs
- buy an insurance for your little ones and yourselves and don't forget to check if you need to do vaccinations prior to your trip
- and relax!

Purple Parking have also created a handy travel advice section on their website. "Once you've decided where and when you need airport parking you can take advantage of our how-to guides on everything from golf baggage allowances to how to entertain the kids during your journey".

Disclamer: I was offered a John Lewis voucher as a thank you for sharing my tips.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Review: OXO Tot range

I have always wanted to try OXO Tot products as they look so trendy! 

OXO offers over 850 products covering many areas of the home. Each was developed based on the concept of Universal Design (also known as Inclusive Design), a philosophy of making products that are usable by as many people as possible. The concept of Universal Design makes room for all users by taking as many needs as possible into consideration in the design process. For OXO, it means designing products for young and old, male and female, left- and right-handed and many with special needs.

As L has "overgrown" her first crockery set I have opted for sippy cup set, training plate and flippy snack cup in raspberry.
Sippy Cup Set (£10.20)
The OXO Tot Sippy Cup Set grows with your child from age 6 months and up. The 200ml Sippy Cup with Handles is an ideal first Cup for babies transitioning from bottles. When ready, remove the perforated insert and the Training Cup converts to a regular Cup. 

L likes to copy what we do, drinking from a cup in particular, she will always ask to drink from our glass. I thought that I will introduce the OXO sippy cup first and see how she will get on with it first and then introduce training cup lid. 
The first thing that impressed me was packaging, not the way it looked, but the way you open it. The packaging has perforated line which you have to pull instead of cutting it with scissors or tearing the packaging apart.
The cup itself looks sleek and non-slip rubbery, removable handles make it easier for baby to hold on to.
And unfortunately no more positives... It was quite a bit of work for L to drink from the sippy cup with the valve inside and eventually she lost interest. When I have removed the valve for a free-flow it was too fast for her and L was choking on water all the time. 
The last stage was to test training cup lid. Just remove sippy cup lid and put the transparent lid with small holes around the perimeter. I was very excited and OXO says that " a tipped Training Cup will also spill more gradually to minimise messes during the learning process". Unfortunately it is not a miracle cup as L ended up being soaked.

Training Plate (£7.00)
Durable OXO Tot Plate features a curved ring that helps little ones guide food onto their utensils and keeps food where it belongs - on the plate and not on the floor. And because the ring can be removed when your tot has mastered the art of self-feeding, the plate can be used as your child grows. The Tot Plate also features a weighted non-slip base to prevent accidental spills by giving your child more stability during mealtime. 

I like this plate a lot, firstly, the non- slip bottom will ensure that the plate stays on the tray and not floor. Secondly it has a coloured removable ring on top which hold the contents of the plate and helps your little one to master self-feeding, this is something we are working on at the moment. The only minor negative- the ring doesn't stay on a plate if the plate was thrown on the floor and it takes a while to put it back on.
On a positive note it washes easily in a soapy water or dishwasher.

Flippy Snack Cup (235ml) (£6.00)
The OXO Tot Flippy™ Snack Cup with Travel Cover is great for munching at home or on the go. 

This is my favourite product from OXO Tot range so far. I new that L would love it purely because she will be intrigued firstly to feel what is inside the cup and then to see and eat it. The idea that it is like a discovery cup and a snack cup at the same time is great. I have never had any problems with it, rubber flaps on top of the lid are very flexible and won't cause any harm and they keep all snacks no matter how big or small they are.
I use to to entertain L prior to giving her food, on the go and when I need to pack few snacks for L to have when at in-laws.

Disclaimer: I was sent the items mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Giveaway: Arkopharma Cys-Control samples (2 sachets and capsules)

It was a long timе ago when I had cystitis urinary infection, but I do rеmеmbеr how uncomfortablе it madе mе fееl.

Arkopharma - Cys-Control® Medical arе offеring a chance to win 2 samplеs of sachеts and capsulеs. Plеasе scroll to thе bottom to find out how to еntеr.

Arkopharma - Cys-Control® Medical deemed efficient by 94% urologists and gyneacologists, Cys-Control® Medical helps to treat cystitis urinary infections and prevent their recurrences.

The active ingredient is cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) of North American origin. It is the most restrictive species of cranberry with proven properties to combat urinary problems.
Cys-Control® sachets provide 36 mg of PAC [DMAC] (proanthocyanidins) per day, which inhibit the adherence of e.coli bacteria to the bladder wall. The ursolic acid in cranberry juice has anti-inflammatory properties and its vitamin C content acidifies urine, disrupting the proliferation of bacteria.

To treat an existing or at the onset of infection take two sachets per day, one in the morning, one in the evening, diluted in a glass of water, for at least three days. The dose may be reduced to one sachet a day as a preventive.

Cys-Control® Medical is suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding women, and children at a reduced dose.

The newly formulated Cys-Control® Cranberry Capsules can also help to prevent recurrences, providing in addition to freeze ground cranberry, heather and grape. Heather helps to promote the excretory function of the kidneys and in conjunction with grape, the elimination of urine.

Both Cys-Control® Medical and Cys-Control® Cranberry + Heather Capsules cost £6.99 for six sachets and 30 capsules respectively, and will be available from August, from selected health stores and pharmacies nationwide.

To еntеr thе givеaway plеasе fill out the Rafflecopter form below (the competition will starts on 10 July 12am and ends on 31 July 12am): 

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Pampers Pooface video celebrates that hilarious baby face!

When L was little we were very surprised to find out that her funny faces and noises are always followed by a loud wind or poo. I also didn't know that facial expressions and red eyebrows are like signs telling us if she has a soiled nappy. 

New award-winning #PampersPooface video celebrates that hilarious baby face and empowers parents not to fear the mess!

Research reveals that 9 in 10 UK parents wouldn’t leave the house without a pack of Baby Wipes.

Today, new research conducted by Pampers with more than 1,000 UK parents, has revealed the extent of parents’ love forBaby Wipes as the remedy to quickly clean up all types of baby mess. With 9 in 10 UK parents admitting they can’t leave the house without a pack of Wipes, Pampers study is undoubtedly reflective of just how many messy moments babies and toddlers find themselves in. To bring the research to life, Pampers has created an award-winning video, which has recently received three Cannes Lions Awards. It features gorgeous babies Joey, Elin, Daniel and Myla to highlight those adorable poo faces that every baby pulls, which all parents know signals that a wipes moment is not far away!

The survey sheds light on what baby mess situations parents fear the most – with nappy mess topping the list for half of parents, closely followed by the 4 in 10 parents who fear baby food mess the most. Additionally, the findings have uncovered the different attitudes of mums and dads when it comes to baby mess, with three fifths (60%) of dads fearing nappy mess the most compared to just two fifths of mums. The survey also revealed the top uses of baby wipes; for 9 in 10 parents it was wiping their baby’s bottoms (91%) and 8 in 10 parents use wipes to wipe their baby’s face.

Dr Tabi Leslie, consultant dermatologist and member of Pampers’ Love, Sleep & Play Panel says, “Pampers’ research has shown that the vast majority of parents are using Baby Wipes and that they are being used most frequently to clean up baby’s skin. That’s why I would ask parents to consider how delicate and sensitive their baby’s skin is and try to choose products specifically designed for them. Pampers Wipes have been dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance meaning that that are kind to your little one’s skin. They are proven to be milder than cotton wool and water for gentle cleaning.”

Paolo Haeusermann, Brand Manager for Pampers, Northern Europe says “We are really excited to launch our fun and light hearted video which celebrates and dramatises that adorable baby pooface which is an instantly recognisable and comical moment for all parents! We know that being a parent involves a lot of messy moments, but whatever that red face might lead too, with Pampers Wipes a clean baby is just a wipe away!”
In combination with the release of the research, Pampers is unveiling its new triple award-winning #Pamperspooface video onYouTube for all parents to celebrate and enjoy those adorable red cheeks, intense stares, double chins and grimacing mouths!
For more information visit or search #Pamperspooface on Twitter.

Disclamer: I was provided with a pre-written content and Pampers baby wipes in exchange for sharing this press release.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

L eats- Organix 7+ months baby food

As you already know we are big fans of Organix baby food and for the past few weeks have been trying multigrain mini cereal puffs and sweetcorn rings.

In 1992, Lizzie Vann decided to create a baby food brand whose recipes and ingredients used only pure, natural ingredients. She wanted children to eat food that didn’t have anything unnecessary added, or anything important taken away. Then and there, Organix was born.

Since then, we’ve grown into a full-sized team of passionate individuals, including nutritionists, organic farmers and parents. All of whom are passionately committed to our cause.

Our mission is to champion the right thing for children’s food - by working with parents to demand a better food environment, and supporting them to make good food choices, through honest advice about growing, cooking, and eating great food.

Multigrain mini cereal puffs (£2.49)

A softly chewable organic cereal with a mix of delicious rice, corn and wheat puffs. This mini version of real breakfast cereal has tiny crispy puffs of rice, corn and wheat to give your little one the mouth feel of a chunky breakfast but with a soft, easy to chew texture.

Just leave them to "soak" for couple of minutes and puffs are ready to be eaten.

This little box of puffs could be an interesting, "popping" addition to your child's breakfast. I have made porridge just with puffs, mixed them with a different type of porridge and mixed them with the yogurt. As it's only a 90g box it won't last long therefor I recommend mixing it with other breakfast with other diary products.

Sweetcorn rings (£0.75)
We only use organic corn in our puffs which is gently baked into rings that are easy to pick up and perfectly sized for little fingers. All we add for flavour is sweetcorn on to every one. Their chunky shape and crispy texture gives your little one something new to explore and they melt in the mouth too.

I have seen different shaped puffs but was surprised to see these chunky round puffs which are an ideal size for a little munchkin.

When it comes to snack L picks what she will and won't eat. She likes wafers or surf boards according to my husband and very weird with puffs. One second she will enjoy eating them, and then just throw them away. It was the case with sweetcorn rings, we had probably couple of odd days when she didn't mind them when we went for a walk but now just wouldn't accept them.

I have tried them myself and they taste no different to puffs from a different brand, I guess there is something different/strange in them for L.

Disclaimer: I was sent the items mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Fast Diet Kitchen Summer Ready Campaign week 5 update

Last week I have tried a different approach to the 5:2 diet, I have realised that if I mix Fast Diet Kitchen packs with normal food it won't work for me and I need 3 packs a day to fill me up. So I had one pack on Wednesday and 3 packs on Thursday which seemed a bit better. 
Having said that I came to a realisation that this particular diet plan doesn't work for me. I have no time for exercising at the moment, I'm not counting going up and down the stairs few times a day and an hour walk in the evening. I have an idea of what I want to achieve but cutting down calories seems to be a bad idea. I feel like I want to eat more food in the evening when I see my husband eating his big portion and try to eat more on other days as I felt I need to make up for 2 fasting days and especially as I'm still breastfeeding hunger is always there.

I have realised that my diet should consist of a complete change of my lifestyle. That only cutting down on specific things should be permanent, and for that I need a massive will power and a huge motivation.

I have had tasty meals last week and if you follow me via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you could see how yummy they look.

I feel bad for letting FDK down and not achieving much during Summer Ready Campaign but we are all different, for some it works and for others it doesn't.

Disclaimer: I was sent the items mentioned above for the purpose of these weekly updates. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Little L is 12 months

Our little L turn 1 on Tuesday, hot weather reminded me how poor newborn L struggled with heat last year.
We had a photo session on Monday and only after looking at the photos I realised how much she changed!

L is not just a cheeky, stubborn, beautiful infant, she is incredibly clever and learned how to get to forbidden places and unzip the make up bag.

She is cutting more teeth her 9th is almost there and now struggling a little bit with 10th and 11th.

L likes daddy a lot and would wave goodbye when he is leaving for work and to anyone leaving for that matter. She has lots of toys but prefers zips, ribbons, tissues, key rings over toys.

Still addicted to me and won't let go in the morning when I need to cook breakfast or when I need to do things.

L sleep is still not perfect, she wouldn't sleep if I'm not there with her stroking her tummy until she falls asleep and then I have to tiptoe as we have creaky floorboards, she then wakes up an hour later or will sleep till about 12 am and then I will move her into my bed. Entirely my fault for not letting L get used to noises. Wakings are very early these days around 6:50-7:00 with 2 naps a day, which I am happy about.

We try to encourage L's walking and talking but so far we have one off words like hi, girl, daddy, mama, lots of baby babble in general which I love and so far L mastered 3 steps.

Can't wait to see what the next month brings us!