Tuesday, 7 July 2015

L eats- Organix 7+ months baby food

As you already know we are big fans of Organix baby food and for the past few weeks have been trying multigrain mini cereal puffs and sweetcorn rings.

In 1992, Lizzie Vann decided to create a baby food brand whose recipes and ingredients used only pure, natural ingredients. She wanted children to eat food that didn’t have anything unnecessary added, or anything important taken away. Then and there, Organix was born.

Since then, we’ve grown into a full-sized team of passionate individuals, including nutritionists, organic farmers and parents. All of whom are passionately committed to our cause.

Our mission is to champion the right thing for children’s food - by working with parents to demand a better food environment, and supporting them to make good food choices, through honest advice about growing, cooking, and eating great food.

Multigrain mini cereal puffs (£2.49)

A softly chewable organic cereal with a mix of delicious rice, corn and wheat puffs. This mini version of real breakfast cereal has tiny crispy puffs of rice, corn and wheat to give your little one the mouth feel of a chunky breakfast but with a soft, easy to chew texture.

Just leave them to "soak" for couple of minutes and puffs are ready to be eaten.

This little box of puffs could be an interesting, "popping" addition to your child's breakfast. I have made porridge just with puffs, mixed them with a different type of porridge and mixed them with the yogurt. As it's only a 90g box it won't last long therefor I recommend mixing it with other breakfast with other diary products.

Sweetcorn rings (£0.75)
We only use organic corn in our puffs which is gently baked into rings that are easy to pick up and perfectly sized for little fingers. All we add for flavour is sweetcorn on to every one. Their chunky shape and crispy texture gives your little one something new to explore and they melt in the mouth too.

I have seen different shaped puffs but was surprised to see these chunky round puffs which are an ideal size for a little munchkin.

When it comes to snack L picks what she will and won't eat. She likes wafers or surf boards according to my husband and very weird with puffs. One second she will enjoy eating them, and then just throw them away. It was the case with sweetcorn rings, we had probably couple of odd days when she didn't mind them when we went for a walk but now just wouldn't accept them.

I have tried them myself and they taste no different to puffs from a different brand, I guess there is something different/strange in them for L.

Disclaimer: I was sent the items mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. My little one used to love the sweetcorn rings. Will definitely buy Organix again this time round. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested