Friday, 31 October 2014

What Little L wore- Halloween Special!

This is L's first Halloween outfit, she looked so cute in it!  We bought it on Ebay (unknown brand, 75% cotton, 25% polyester) and even though it was used it looks great and just like new! After I washed it, still looks like new!

I have tried putting L in a pumpkin to take few cute pictures of her sitting in a pumpkin but she didn't want to stay still. 

Little L is 4 months

Last month was very eventful, we had good and bad days.
Couple of weeks ago L had a weigh in and she put on 800 grams, which is very good as only at 3 months she put only 400 grams.I was a little bit worried about L weight as she is smaller than other babies her age, but Health Visitor reassured me that she is doing fine and we should carry on with exclusive breastfeeding without any supplements if obviously I'm happy with feeding every 2 hours. I really don't mind but can't wait to start weaning as feeding every 2 hours followed by entertaining L and putting her to sleep means every 2 hours I have deja vu!

We had few exciting milestones- L rolled from back to front and she touched her toes. So exciting!

She is more vocal, makes girly noises or talks non-stop the only problem she tends to wake up at night wen dummy is out of her mouth and it takes her ages to fall asleep in the evening! Don't know why such a sudden change maybe because we moved er from the moses basket to a cot bed.
L also had 2nd set of jabs and as always she was fab! 

This month we went on a small break to Forest of Dean, every day we went to different places and L didn't mind being carried at all! 

Next month I am planning to prepare for the big milestone-weaning, write the list of veg and fruit we will start with and hopefully we will take L to the swimming pool for the first time!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

How to entertain a baby?!

When L was 6 weeks I had a dilemma what to do with her, how to entertain her, how to make her last longer on a play mat in order for me to do other things.
The more I thought about it or discussed with fellow mums the more I realised that it is normal for L to behave this way. 
Some babies just don't last long, L at around 7 weeks lasted no more than 5 minutes on her play mat, 10 weeks later she is interested in what's around her rather than her hanging toys.

So here is my list of list:
  • talking and making silly sounds (still one of our daily things)
  • dancing on mummy's arms (I don't think L realised what is going on but at least she didn't cry)
  • bounce and watch mummy faff around in the kitchen (that was once and never happened again)
  • look at the patterns on toys or mummy's clothes (I have a maternity top with patterns and L is mesmerised by it every time)
  • singing along to songs from Youtube, nursery rhymes (sometimes I just make up songs, it's so much fun, but my husband hates when I sing, I wonder why?!)
  • kicking session on the baby gym (I can't say L doesn't like it, she can play for few minutes and then turns her head towards me)
  • walks around the house (that was on top of the list few weeks ago as the only way to settle L)
  • carried in a sling while mum gets on with doing stuff (tried few times, it's just not for me)
  • massaging (L likes when I massage her legs and tummy)
Sometimes it seems like a groundog day, but her rewards like talking or smiling keep me going.

What can you add to the list?

Monday, 27 October 2014

Ardo Easy Freeze milk storage bags review

Before I gave birth I was very determined to breast feed my baby. I thought it is going to be relatively easy, why it wouldn't be...How little did I know, that hand expressing would be my only option and L needed to learn how to latch and suck hence it took me ages to do a review of these storage bags.

The Easy Freeze bags (pack of 20 bags and 2 fastening strips £7.95) have been designed to be used with all ARDO Pumpsets and pumps, including the manual Amaryll manual pump.

We use premium-quality, FDA tested, double coating to protect against odours. The materials used are safe and Plasticizer (PVC) free.

As I have just about enough milk for L, I managed to use only one bag so far. 

To my surprise you can express straight into the pre-sterilised bag where the expressed breast milk is safe and no drop is lost due to the resealable fastening of the leak-proof bags. 

All you have to do:

  1. remove the upper part by separating or cutting along the perforated line
  2. undo the zip fastener
  3. put the pump (pump shell), the part which "seals" with the bottle into the bag
  4. and fasten with strip which you need to put through both eyelets
  5. start expressing milk
When finished unfasten the bag, take the pump shell out of the bag, gently press on the side of the bag to expel the air and zip the bag closed.

For those who hand express or prefer to transfer milk from a bottle into the bag it's even easier:  
  1. remove the upper part by separating or cutting along the perforated line
  2. undo the zip fastener
  3. transfer expressed milk into the bag
  4. gently press on the side of the bag to expel the air 
  5. zip the bag closed
The bag itself can fit maximum 180 ml (6 oz), for easy measuring, each bag is graduated. At the front of the bag is the section for your notes-  the name, time and date. Last but not least bag has integrated heat indicatorwhen you wish to use the milk, the the bag will show when the milk is warm. 

Inside the box you will find very useful information about: 
  1. storing breast milk: 6 hours at room temperature, 5 days in the fridge, 3-6 months in the freezer compartment, 
  2. defrosting it: warm water or placing in the fridge, 
  3. warming up breast milk: open the bag briefly, close the bag again, stand the bag in water at about 60 degrees, the temperature indicator will start to fade when the breast mill at the right temperature it will fade completely.

Milk storage bag is one of the must products for breastfeeding mothers. It's such a shame I only use it once. Maybe next time!

Disclaimer: I was sent the above items for the purpose of this review. All thought and opinions are my own.

Friday, 24 October 2014

What Little L wore- Tu at Sainsbury's

Up to 1 month, 9lbs, 56 cm

These are mine and L's favourite baby vests. L looked incredibly cute in them. My mother in law bought this set of 5 cotton vests (£7.50) when I was pregnant and they were worn loads for the first 2 months of L's life.

L looked incredibly cute in them, especially the one with fish.

What's you little one's fav vest or outfit?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Baby Massage

"Massage is a lovely way for you to express your love and care for your baby. Massage can soothe your baby and aid sleep as well as being a great way for you and your partner to bond with your baby. Massage has many added benefits, including aiding digestion, improving circulation and easing teething pain".

A month ago or so me and L have attended a 5 week course run by one of the local children centres. We had to miss the very 1st class because of my back problems (as I couldn't pick L up, basically couldn't do anything without a help), but as it is the only class in our area I couldn't miss the opportunity. We paid £15 for 5 weeks , normally you would have to pay £45 for one private session, as well as we were picked up by a minibus who took us there and back for free.

Each session started with mums picking up babies and giving them cuddles and kisses, followed by singing "The more we get together song". Then we sang "If you happy and you know it", "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" whilst showing or pointing to baby at her body parts.

Whilst babies were in a good, smiley mood we put them onto a changing mat, undressed them and started massaging with oil.

During massage we concentrated on baby's tummy, legs, toes, arms, hands.

After massaging we did something which I didn't expect it to be, it was a fun, sensory way of interacting with your baby. We had all sorts of toys and things which we can find in our house and introduced them to babies.

At the very end of the session we put babies in the circle, and sang "Twinkle, twinkle" whilst holding a "parachute" or blanket with stars. At this point some of them were asleep giving mums a chance to complete a scrap book with fun stickers and photos from previous session.

I really enjoyed these session, L was a bit fussy in last 2, but we both learnt so much.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Silly Billyz fleece car seat sleeping bag review & giveaway

Being a mum definitely changed my way of thinking, my priorities. I feel unconditional love towards my daughter, I am bursting with love and worries.  
I worry about not having enough milk, lack of poo during the day (not mine obviously), reasons of L's crying, worry about her being alone upstairs with the scary blanket keeping her warm (baby Matilda is always on my mind), is she warm or cold etc. 
The last one is quite relevant due to the weather outside. To keep her warm in the house I put heating on, to keep her warm when we are out and about I use Silly Billyz fleece car sleeping bag (£34.96) from BPM UK.

This Car Seat Sleeping Bag is ideal for your newborn and will keep them snug in the car seat or pram. Made from 100% polyester Faux Fur Sherpa Fleece with a quality polycotton backing, the front cover zips off completely for use in the summer time. Fits most 5 point harness systems. Plus it’s stain resistant, machine washable and tumble dry safe.

We have received the cover few weeks ago and so far used in our carry cot and 2 car seats as it is compatible with most car seats and prams.

  • velcro detachable head support
  • removable front cover (zips off) for temperature control
  • sections for car seat belts
  • elastic band at the back of the cover for further support
  • can be used from birth upwards
  • covers most of the baby's body depending on a size
  • comes in black, navy, pink
Very easy to use- just pop on the car seat, put car seat belts through and done. And if baby falls asleep you can just pick him/her up knowing that your baby will be all snuggled up in this cover.

We've been using the cover every time it was raining, chilly outside and I couldn't be happier knowing that she is comfortable and warm.  How I know- during and after every walk I have checked her feet if they are warm or cold and every time we had car seat cover her feet were warm! It is very soft to touch and looks like new even after I washed and tumble dried it.

Silll Billyz are GIVING AWAY a fleece car sleeping bag to one lucky reader. Good luck!

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Terms and Conditions:
The giveaway is open to the UK mainland only.
All entries will be checked.
Winner will be drawn randomly.
The prize is supplied by BPM UK
There is no cash alternative and prize cannot be exchanged
The winner will be contacted by email or via social media 48 hours after the giveaway ends and if the prize isn't claimed within 28 days the new winner will be selected.
The giveaway will end on 4 November at 12 am (GMT)

Disclaimer: I was sent the above item for the purpose of this review. All thought and opinions are my own.

Win competitions at - See more at:

L's first Halloween
We don't normally celebrate Halloween but now we have L and it is time for a change!
At 4 months old she won't understand a thing but as it is a very first L's Halloween I would like it to be special!
We bought her a " little mummy's pumpkin" sleepsuit which she will be wearing on the day. 

We won't be trick or treating but we will certainly take her for a walk in this outfit. 
I would also like to do something creative this year, something like a pumpkin photo session. My plan is to buy a pumpkin, take all the bits out of it and to use the pumpkin itself as a prop.
Depending on L's mood (she started teething) I would like to take some cute pictures of L sitting or maybe even playing in the pumpkin. Can't wait!!
I hope to introduce each year more and more "Halloweeny" bits into our life. Need to start thinking about how to explain the spooky part of the celebrations.

What's your plan for this Halloween?

I have written this post to enter an amazing Next competition. 

Friday, 17 October 2014

Sport shoes running kit review

I never was into exercising, I hated PE at school, if I had a gym membership I would cancel it 2 months later.

Few years ago my husband bought a treadmill and I actually started using it more than he did. I liked the fact that I'm in the comfort of my own home and I can decide when I' m ready and want to use it.

When I got pregnant I was determined to stay healthy and fit and if you remember from my bump updates I used treadmill every day. My priorities slightly shifted since we had L but I'm hoping that one day L will be happy to play on her own and I will have few minutes to spare for running.

Few months ago Sport shoes contacted me and offered to review their products. I thought that it's an amazing opportunity to get myself a proper running kit.

I have opted for:


The Nike Victory Contour Women's Support Bra is designed for a compression fit and locked in feel. This Nike Lady Victory Contour Support Bra features a lightweight chest band that eliminates bulk, a bonded seam that provides support and lift that helps you for medium-impact sports. It also features mesh panels on the back for improved ventiliation, and Dri-FIT fabric that wicks away moisture to help keep you dry and comfortable.

It feels quite tight and holds breasts quite nicely which gives them support whilst running or walking, plus no need for a push-up bra!
I would definitely wear it everyday if I wasn't breastfeeding!


Made of soft pique fabric that helps you move with ease, this polo shirt is extremely comfortable to wear and it also features an enhance moisture management with pique knit designed for keeping sweat away.
I was always a big fan of polo shirts, I'm planning to wear it with Nike trousers I picked not just for running but to play gold as well.

PANTS (£17.49)

Designed for everyday workouts. These versatile trousers deliver an extra-soft feel with a flared hem and body-skimming fit through the hip and thigh. And, they're comfortable enough to wear all day, from studio to street.
Slightly looser-fitting, this pants feature a flared leg to form to your curves. The inside waistband is made of powermesh fabric for a compression effect that slims, flattens and flexes while helping to eliminate creases and lines for a smooth, flattering look. The rise was lowered in the front and tilted up at the back for perfect coverage, no matter how you move. To enhance your curves, a subtle v-shaped seam connects the waist to the legs, and seams were moved back to sculpt the line of the leg.

Straight away after I put them on I thought that they flatter my figure, hide all the bumps and lumps due to a high and wide waistband and stretchy material. 
I'm not a big fan of flared trousers in general but in this case it certainly helps to look skinnier. 
When my mum saw me wearing them she thought that I'm wearing work trousers which shows that they can nicely blend with you everyday activities. 
Trousers also have a small waistband flap pocket for cash, ID/credit cards or even media player, which is great and suitable for those you don't know where to put small items whilst on the go.


This jacket delivers excellent comfort and great performance.
The hoodie is specially designed to keep you warm with French terry fabric designed to wick moisture away from your body keeping you at your best.

I was wearing it with a thin t-shirt underneath and a thin waterproof jacket, it was more than enough to keep me warm during cold, rainy days or evenings.

SOCKS  (£3.49)

The Saucony Ultra Cushion Anklet Running Socks offer soft, plush cushioning ensuring your feet are comfortable throughout your run. The RunDry Control provides maximum breathability, while also keeping your feet dry with its moisture transportation technology. A irritaion is reduced and a secure fit is ensured through the reduction of movement provided by the socks' engineered arch stability control.

I could never have imagined that socks can provide support and feel so soft and comfortable, after few washes they look like new.


The Saucony Jazz Original (Retro) Women's Running Shoe is one of the most popular shoes amongst fans of the 80s. Available in a broad range of colours, the Jazz Original utilises a comfortable and soft fabric upper lining that provides an optimally comfortable ride.
For grip on slippery surfaces, the design of the outsole (Triangular Lug and XT600) provides ample traction off road and robust durability on-road. Wherever your run takes you - run in comfort, style and confidence.

I can't express enough how much I like my new running shoes. These are the best of the bunch!
They not just look funky, they are extremely comfortable. They feel soft and cushioned, it's springy sole makes me faster when I walk and run ( the latter is very rear now unfortunately). The only negative point I found- they are slippery, therefore I would suggest wearing them when it's not raining.

Overall, I am quite happy with items and their price tags. I can certainly recommend Sport Shoes as you can find good quality products for a small price.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above items for the purpose of this review. All thought and opinions are my own.

Friday, 3 October 2014

What Little L wore- George Clothing at Asda

These outfits arrived when I was 8 months pregnant. As we didn't know L's weight we had lots of baby vests and sleepsuits in different sizes.

First size (weight 9lbs or 4.1 kg and 50-56cm height, 100% cotton)

0-3 months (weight 12lbs or 5.5 kg and 56-62cm heoght, 100% cotton)

Sleepsuit with big pink hearts was L's first outfit. She looked so tiny in it yet so cute.
I actually never had to put sleepsuit on a baby in my whole life, it took me a while to get used to poppers and to figure out how to fasten them, but 3 months later baby vests and sleepsuits are my favourite outfits. It's just so much easier to take them off when I need to clean L and less annoying for her.
I must say I like sleepsuits with poppers from top to bottom more than those with poppers at the bottom only. We had and still have lots of poo accidents and it is slightly more difficult to take "Mummy loves me", "Pretty and cute" sleepsuits off, they were mainly used as a going out sleepsuits.
These outfits have seen lots of wee and poo, have been washed numerous times hence they looked very loved now but there is a little bit life left in them.
L enjoyed wearing these sleepsuits and I enjoyed seeing L in them!

These 2 packs (3 sleepsuits in each pack) were £7 per pack.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above items for the purpose of this review. All thought and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Little L is 3 months

Oh where do I start.

L changed so much! She is still my little baby and since last weigh in put only 400 grams in a month.

We have finished a 5 weeks course of baby massage. The most successful session so far was the first one. As I feed her every 2 hours it is sometimes impossible to fit in activities or to make sure she won't be grumpy. Last session was yesterday and the whole session I was rocking her to sleep as she got tired while we were waiting for other mums to come.
L definitely started teething, at first I wasn't sure and didn't want to give her any medications till I'm certain. But as all signs are there- dribbling, fists in her mouth, chewing on toys and of course fussiness I started giving her Dentinox. I didn't work out yet if it helps, but she seems to enjoy licking it from my finger.

L also started to lift herself up by herself or whilst holding on to my fingers. 

Few days ago she tried to kiss me, it was more of a smothering her dribble kiss, but it was the best first mummy and daughter kiss.
I swear L talks!! On Saturday she was smiling at me and answering "Yeah" when  I asked her about things she did with grandparents, yesterday my husband asked her something and she said "Yeah" again!!

L has blocked tear duct for few weeks now, some days her eye will be teary with a crust on her eyelashes or a gooey stuff inside the eye.
On Saturday we had to call 111 and then to book an appointment in out of hours clinic to see a doctor as her belly button had a dry crust as well and looked fairly inflamed/infected. I panicked as I thought that it's my fault somehow, that maybe it's connected to her infected eye. Thankfully it is nothing to worry about and now we have a cream for her belly button and drops for eyes.

In couple of weeks we are going away for 3 nights, it's L's first local holiday. Apart from her first holiday last month she have been to the airport, shop, county park for the first time as well. We also used baby carrier for the first time. She likes to look around, very excited about new things, so carrier comes in handy and L doesn't mind it.
Clothing wise L just moved from sleepsuits size 0-3 months to 3-6 months as her legs and feet are getting longer. 

Routine wise during the day she can sleep till 8 am or 10 am then feed, play, sleep. She constantly wants to be picked up, I think I gave up and just let us go with a flow rather than being strict hence L is always in my arms. She is more fussy at night, she turns her head on a side and cries in this position which worries me a lot and I constantly try to check if she is breathing ok.

I'm more confident as a mum, but yet a worrier. Last month I had severe back pain, I couldn't pick L up, couldn't actually sleep, sit, walk, it was incredibly painful. As I'm 24/7 with L I needed a quick fix, thankfully my sister recommended a local osteopath. Straight after an appointment I felt much better, but after lifting L in a pram my pain was back. I had to cut out on heavy lifting and it seems to work. Hopefully it is sorted permanently! 
There is something else that upsets me- hair loss.. Other mums say it's normal, but I feel so upset about it. I have tried coconut oil on my hair they are definitely more silky, will just have to see if it helps with hair loss.

That's it for now.. And I'm looking forward what new 3rd month brings!