Wednesday, 29 October 2014

How to entertain a baby?!

When L was 6 weeks I had a dilemma what to do with her, how to entertain her, how to make her last longer on a play mat in order for me to do other things.
The more I thought about it or discussed with fellow mums the more I realised that it is normal for L to behave this way. 
Some babies just don't last long, L at around 7 weeks lasted no more than 5 minutes on her play mat, 10 weeks later she is interested in what's around her rather than her hanging toys.

So here is my list of list:
  • talking and making silly sounds (still one of our daily things)
  • dancing on mummy's arms (I don't think L realised what is going on but at least she didn't cry)
  • bounce and watch mummy faff around in the kitchen (that was once and never happened again)
  • look at the patterns on toys or mummy's clothes (I have a maternity top with patterns and L is mesmerised by it every time)
  • singing along to songs from Youtube, nursery rhymes (sometimes I just make up songs, it's so much fun, but my husband hates when I sing, I wonder why?!)
  • kicking session on the baby gym (I can't say L doesn't like it, she can play for few minutes and then turns her head towards me)
  • walks around the house (that was on top of the list few weeks ago as the only way to settle L)
  • carried in a sling while mum gets on with doing stuff (tried few times, it's just not for me)
  • massaging (L likes when I massage her legs and tummy)
Sometimes it seems like a groundog day, but her rewards like talking or smiling keep me going.

What can you add to the list?

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