Monday, 20 October 2014

L's first Halloween
We don't normally celebrate Halloween but now we have L and it is time for a change!
At 4 months old she won't understand a thing but as it is a very first L's Halloween I would like it to be special!
We bought her a " little mummy's pumpkin" sleepsuit which she will be wearing on the day. 

We won't be trick or treating but we will certainly take her for a walk in this outfit. 
I would also like to do something creative this year, something like a pumpkin photo session. My plan is to buy a pumpkin, take all the bits out of it and to use the pumpkin itself as a prop.
Depending on L's mood (she started teething) I would like to take some cute pictures of L sitting or maybe even playing in the pumpkin. Can't wait!!
I hope to introduce each year more and more "Halloweeny" bits into our life. Need to start thinking about how to explain the spooky part of the celebrations.

What's your plan for this Halloween?

I have written this post to enter an amazing Next competition. 


  1. I really haven't a clue what we're doing this year.....
    It's funny....Before I had kids I never bothered with Halloween.....With kids comes so much fun x

  2. The sleep suit is so cute. My eldest has a Halloween fancy dress birthday party to go to but usually we don't really do much, I do love getting the girls dressed up!

    Emily xx

  3. gorgeous sleep suit, nothing spooky there!