Friday, 31 October 2014

Little L is 4 months

Last month was very eventful, we had good and bad days.
Couple of weeks ago L had a weigh in and she put on 800 grams, which is very good as only at 3 months she put only 400 grams.I was a little bit worried about L weight as she is smaller than other babies her age, but Health Visitor reassured me that she is doing fine and we should carry on with exclusive breastfeeding without any supplements if obviously I'm happy with feeding every 2 hours. I really don't mind but can't wait to start weaning as feeding every 2 hours followed by entertaining L and putting her to sleep means every 2 hours I have deja vu!

We had few exciting milestones- L rolled from back to front and she touched her toes. So exciting!

She is more vocal, makes girly noises or talks non-stop the only problem she tends to wake up at night wen dummy is out of her mouth and it takes her ages to fall asleep in the evening! Don't know why such a sudden change maybe because we moved er from the moses basket to a cot bed.
L also had 2nd set of jabs and as always she was fab! 

This month we went on a small break to Forest of Dean, every day we went to different places and L didn't mind being carried at all! 

Next month I am planning to prepare for the big milestone-weaning, write the list of veg and fruit we will start with and hopefully we will take L to the swimming pool for the first time!

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