Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Little L is 3 months

Oh where do I start.

L changed so much! She is still my little baby and since last weigh in put only 400 grams in a month.

We have finished a 5 weeks course of baby massage. The most successful session so far was the first one. As I feed her every 2 hours it is sometimes impossible to fit in activities or to make sure she won't be grumpy. Last session was yesterday and the whole session I was rocking her to sleep as she got tired while we were waiting for other mums to come.
L definitely started teething, at first I wasn't sure and didn't want to give her any medications till I'm certain. But as all signs are there- dribbling, fists in her mouth, chewing on toys and of course fussiness I started giving her Dentinox. I didn't work out yet if it helps, but she seems to enjoy licking it from my finger.

L also started to lift herself up by herself or whilst holding on to my fingers. 

Few days ago she tried to kiss me, it was more of a smothering her dribble kiss, but it was the best first mummy and daughter kiss.
I swear L talks!! On Saturday she was smiling at me and answering "Yeah" when  I asked her about things she did with grandparents, yesterday my husband asked her something and she said "Yeah" again!!

L has blocked tear duct for few weeks now, some days her eye will be teary with a crust on her eyelashes or a gooey stuff inside the eye.
On Saturday we had to call 111 and then to book an appointment in out of hours clinic to see a doctor as her belly button had a dry crust as well and looked fairly inflamed/infected. I panicked as I thought that it's my fault somehow, that maybe it's connected to her infected eye. Thankfully it is nothing to worry about and now we have a cream for her belly button and drops for eyes.

In couple of weeks we are going away for 3 nights, it's L's first local holiday. Apart from her first holiday last month she have been to the airport, shop, county park for the first time as well. We also used baby carrier for the first time. She likes to look around, very excited about new things, so carrier comes in handy and L doesn't mind it.
Clothing wise L just moved from sleepsuits size 0-3 months to 3-6 months as her legs and feet are getting longer. 

Routine wise during the day she can sleep till 8 am or 10 am then feed, play, sleep. She constantly wants to be picked up, I think I gave up and just let us go with a flow rather than being strict hence L is always in my arms. She is more fussy at night, she turns her head on a side and cries in this position which worries me a lot and I constantly try to check if she is breathing ok.

I'm more confident as a mum, but yet a worrier. Last month I had severe back pain, I couldn't pick L up, couldn't actually sleep, sit, walk, it was incredibly painful. As I'm 24/7 with L I needed a quick fix, thankfully my sister recommended a local osteopath. Straight after an appointment I felt much better, but after lifting L in a pram my pain was back. I had to cut out on heavy lifting and it seems to work. Hopefully it is sorted permanently! 
There is something else that upsets me- hair loss.. Other mums say it's normal, but I feel so upset about it. I have tried coconut oil on my hair they are definitely more silky, will just have to see if it helps with hair loss.

That's it for now.. And I'm looking forward what new 3rd month brings!

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  1. Aw my boy wanted to be held all the time also. We just went with it. At about 4 months we started laying on the floor with him to play for short periods so he got used to that and then taking little trips to the loo etc whilst he had a toy there. He naturally started to get used to be a little more independent. I don't think it does them harm to have lots of attention, in fact I think it gives them security for when they are more independent later on.

    We have a carrier to. So useful when they are more wriggly later on as he is calm in it when out and about!

    Glad your back is feeling a bit better