Monday, 29 February 2016

Get the World Ready with Dettol

Before L was born I have prepared the house for the new arrival by cleaning every corner, washing all her newborn clothes, ironing them and storing them in newly opened bags. Since then we have moved house due to some issues with the neighbours just 2 days before giving birth. Once L was born I didn't have time to clean the house properly, but Dettol wipes were always close by in case I need them.

"Whether you’re a first-time mum or you’ve been through it all before, a little help to get everything ready for your new arrival can go a long way.

No matter how clean your home is, it’s essential to take extra care when you’re preparing for the arrival of a new-born or have a toddler keen to explore. Adopting these simple hygiene habits will ensure that your home is hygienically clean and safe for your little one:

Healthier Surfaces
· Nurseries should be kept free of harmful germs, especially in the first few weeks. Don’t forget it’s not just the changing mat and cot that can harbour germs but also frequently touched areas like the door handles and light switches. Dettol Anti-bacterial Surface Cleanser has no taint, no odour and no bleach and is suitable for use in baby contact areas.

Germ Free on the Go
· From that first night in the hospital to the first trip out, keep car seats, highchairs and all your baby equipment germ free with Dettol Anti-bacterial Cleansing Surface Wipes which kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and are great for hard to reach surfaces and on the go.

· Keeping your hands clean, before and after handling your little one, is really important to make sure germs don’t spread. If you’re feeding, changing, or perhaps handling food or pets, try our Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System. It automatically dispenses anti-bacterial Hand Wash, after you place your hands under the nozzle to help prevent the spread of germs.

Added Laundry Protection
· It’s not just re-used baby clothes and bedding that can harbour germs, new ones can too! While washing at low temperatures is kind to baby’s clothes, it doesn’t offer protection against bacteria which can survive below 60˚C. Use our unique Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser alongside your normal detergent and softener to guarantee hygienic cleaning, even at temperatures as low as 15˚C.

Dettol have released videos highlighting Mums excitement and concerns from bump to baby and beyond 
as part of a ‘Get the World Ready’ campaign. The films also offer some practical tips and advice to get your world ready for a new arrival.

The first film of the series, Get The World Ready For Your New Arrival, shares the excitement and apprehension of expectant mums preparing for their new addition to the family. From name-picking to decorating, and cleaning to taking classes, all new mums want to make the world a perfect place for their little ones’ arrival.

Get the World Ready for bringing baby home

Get The World Ready For Bringing Baby Home shares the thrill and relief of new mums welcoming baby into their home for the first time. With so much to learn about sleeping, feeding and changing, it isn’t easy. But mums can do it, and do it with all the love in the world. 

Get the World Ready for your little one
The third film, Get The World Ready For Your Little One, shares the exploration and adventure when your baby turns into a toddler! Mums will pick up their little one when they fall down, and the little ones will learn to trust their mums to do so. Through the bumps and bruises, a heartfelt bond continues to develop, so you can take on the world, together".

We have previously tried Dettol  when one of us wasn't well as a way of protecting little L from catching any bacteria, it seems to do the job and keeps my mind at ease. 
Disclaimer: I have been provided with Dettol spray and wipes for the purpose of this post.

Zapf Creations BABY Born stroller review and giveaway

When L was little in-laws bought her baby doll to play with, but as the doll itself was the same size as L I kept it in the box until I knew L is ready to play with it.
Just before Christmas I thought it's time to take the doll out of the box and see if L would be interested to play with it. She didn't show much interest at first and only when we received Baby Born stroller for the purpose of this review I have realised that the stroller is "the missing piece".

"You should always have a buggy like this with you on longer trips. This light, sporty and folding stroller is a great daily helper, in case BABY born® gets tired from time to time during longer trips. Thanks to the belt system, BABY born® can rest any time or even take a little nap without falling out".

On the first day L was trying to work out what to do. I explained and showed her that she will need to put the dolly in to the stroller and push it along just like I do when we go for a walk. Once the dolly was in the stroller L understood the principle of walking her own toy and pushed the stroller around the house for the rest of the day. Since then pushing the dolly in the stroller, offering her drinks and snacks is one of her favourite play time activities.

Now to the main features:
- it is lightweight
- easy to fold and unfold
- fits a dolly/teddy or even a toddler if they are tired (the latter is not recommended though)
- can be easily cleaned with a wipe or washed in the sink as the material can be removed
- belt system allows to adjust the seat and protect the doll from falling out
- cute ducklings design on the fabric
- double stroller wheels
- easy to move around 
- promotes imaginative, role play 
- handle height approximately 53cm, suitable from 3 years old

How to fold the stroller:
1. Pull up the pink bottom bar
2. Unlock/detach metal bars by lifting the loops up and away
3. Fold the buggy

I have teamed up with Zapf Creations to offer one lucky reader the chance to win an Interactive Baby Annabell doll. 

"Baby Annabell® allows realistic, imaginative role play and encourages the development of responsibility and empathy".

To be in the chance of wining please complete the Rafflecopter form below): 

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Mother's day gift guide

Last year we had an impromptu Mother's day thanks to L who decided to wake up later. I have received thoughtful, personalised card and breakfast in bed, just perfect!

This time I have created a practical Mother's day, just how I like it!

1. Pretty You London Meryl Plum slippers £22.50
2. Go Find A Gift Initials manicure set £14.49
3. Busy B Magnetic pad & pen £7.99 
4. Jadu tea London
5. Kaya Jewellery Silver Family Tree Necklace £34.95 
6. MOTHER oversized tee £30

Who said diamonds are every woman's best friend?! Every woman needs a lovely, compact manicure set which fits in virtually any bag or purse (width: 8cm, height: 7cm, depth: 2cm)! This lovely personalised manicure set from Go Find A Gift would make a great gift for any mum out there "who loves looking after their hands and nails".

The manicure set opens by pressing on a precision clasp, which once opened presents a set of 5 precision implements (nail scissors, 1 soft edged cuticle pusher, tweezers, nail file, and nail clippers) wedged in the soft, dark foam as well as a small mirror placed inside the lid.
What makes it so special is the personalised initials, you can add up to 3 letters, it could be your mum's initials or perhaps your own. I have opted for my mother-in-law initials which coincidentally make the word "MAM". Engraved letters look neat and tidy, you can't see any scratches or marks.

I haven't tried any of the implements but from it's presentation I can see that it's a quality and practical set, which hopefully will be frequently used.
I can't claim that I'm a tea connoisseur, but I would like to think that I can tell when it's a good or bad quality tea.

Jadu tea have kindly provided me with a lovely presented box of English breakfast tea envelops, which I'm opening on Mother's day and few samples of Green Tea (12 tea envelops £ 16) and Mademoiselle Grey (12 tea envelops £ 16)

"JADU Tea London is an independent Global Luxury Tea Brand based in the UK. ‘JADU’ is ‘magic’ in ancient Sanskrit and our mission is to conjure a little magic through the exploration of the enchanting and spellbinding world of tea...Explore the world of tea with us! We offer a range of teas that take you on a journey across the globe. Our teas are sourced from China, India, Sri Lanka and Africa, our herbs and fruits reach us from Europe, and the magic of blending and packing takes place in the UK".

Tea envelops themselves look very different to a typical tea bag found in supermarkets, they are designed to be transparent and made of organza alike fabric with a traditional string, which gives a modern look.

China Green is "an exquisitely smooth, full-bodied green tea from the Yunnan province of China, one of the oldest tea growing regions in the world. These carefully rolled leaves are reputedly full of antioxidants. Sit back and allow the subtly sweet, grassy green liquor to gently refresh and revive you".

China Green tea was a little bit too strong for me if the bag is left to infuse for 2 minutes as recommended by Jadu tea, but once mixed with more hot water was very tasty and lasted me for 2 more cups!

As a big fan of Earl grey Mademoiselle Grey blew me away. 

"Our flirtatious take on the classic favourite Earl Grey uses refreshing Sri Lankan Uva black tea as a base. The distinctive citrus character of this delicate tea perfectly complements the zesty, aromatic Bergamot with which this blend is generously scented. Finished with bright citrus notes of lemon, orange and lemongrass and a sprinkling of delightfully striking red cornflowers".

It is very much an Earl grey with a nice, settle flowery flavour and smell. It is also recommended to infuse for 3-5 minutes and to drink with or to without milk. As with China green it is a little bit too strong for me if infused for 3 minutes but once I added milk it had a very gentle flavour which I liked.
A lovely Royal Navy gift box with golden Jadu tea logo can make a great gift for any tea lover or those who like sophisticated presentation.

Disclaimer: I was sent  items mentioned above for the purpose of this review/gift guide. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Geronimo partners with Cancer Research UK

I have another announcement for you as a part of my Geronimo festival ambassadorship.

"Geronimo festival announces charity partnership with Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens.
The UK’s biggest family festival, Geronimo, has announced its partnership with Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens for 2016.

Taking place over the weekends of 29th – 30th May (Tatton Park) and 1st – 2nd May (Harewood House), Geronimo is back, bigger and better with a huge programme of events lined up for both venues, including live performances from Justin Fletcher, Mr Bloom, Cook & Line from Swashbuckle and Andy Day. Other activities include a full circus, three live theatre productions, a full Victorian fun fair, camel rides and much more.

Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens launched in January 2015 with the aim of raising money for research specifically into cancers affecting children, teens and young adults. Through raising money and awareness, the charity hopes to better understand these cancers and find kinder treatments and cures. 

Geronimo will raise money for Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens through a series of initiatives including the Geronimo Festival Kids & Teens VIP Area, optional donations on tickets, merchandise, bucket collections and a clothes drive on site, all funds raised during the year will be donated to Kids & Teens.

Claire Rowney, director of Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens said: “Every year, around 1600 children in the UK are diagnosed with cancer - so we’re hugely grateful to Geronimo for choosing to raise money for Kids & Teens.

“Back in the 1960s, only around a quarter of children with cancer survived. Today, three quarters are cured and our work has been at the heart of this. Geronimo’s support will help us carry out more research to help find better and kinder treatments for young people with cancer.”

Festival Director, Simon Goldman commented: “Geronimo is the biggest family festival in the UK and we are delighted to be supporting Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens in 2016. We’re calling on all Geronimites to join us in helping to save and improve the lives of children with cancer by raising funds which will, ultimately, help fund research into cures and kinder treatments. ”

For Geronimo festival tickets visit or for more information about Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens visit".

Monday, 22 February 2016

L eats: the Super Yummies toddler snacks review

I'm always very excited to try new, healthy snack suitable for L, The Super Yummies is our recent discovery. 

"Part of the well-loved Cow & Gate family, The Super Yummies are superly delicious and come in ground-breaking flavour combinations that your toddler will love. With only naturally occurring salt and sugar, making the range irresistible for both mum and their little one".

We have received freeze dried fruit pieces and vegetable slices, breadsticks, rice cakes, and a variety of fruit and yoghurt pouches. 

At 19 months old L knows what and when she is hungry and sometimes will bring a specific pouch she wants to eat, point at the snack she wants to have or completely refuses to eat what's on offer. As the Super Yummies look and taste different to L's usual snacks I was very interested to see her reaction.

We started off with breadsticks (£1.69 and suitable from 12 months), which come in 2 different flavoures: tomato & basil and spinach, we have received spinach ones to try.

The pack itself once opened can be re-sealed which is very handy when you are out and about and keeps breadsticks fresh.
Spinach flavoured breadstick were a complete mind- opener for me as I'm not really keen on spinach, but The Super Yumies breadsticks were quite nice with more of a settle cool, minty flavour. L wasn't sure at first but eventually she realised that they are not too bad at all. 

Spinach breadsticks contain "Wheat flour (81%), Palm oil, Oats (5%), Spinach flakes (2%), Yeast, Malt extract (barley), Raising agent, Basil, Vitamin B1".

You can eat them as they are or dip them into sauces, we didn't go that far as L is just getting used to new flavours and textures due to late start with baby led foods/snacks.

Next we tried freeze dried fruit, 75p (the banana and yoghurt, or strawberry and yoghurt) and vegetable pieces75p (beetroot and parsnip slices) packs suitable form 36 months+.

They are "made from 100% real fruit and vegetables" and promise to melt once in your toddler's mouth. 

We have received  banana and yoghurt fruit pieces pack and vegetable pieces pack to try, which was something new for us as I have only seen similar products on the Apprentice. I didn't have my hopes high for the vegetable pack as I know L is not a big fan of vegetables in general, but to my surprise L didn't mind both of the packs. 
I have only realised that they are not suitable for L's age once she already tried them, I have noticed that the slices and yogurt pieces seem a little bit too big for her and had to quarter them. I now can see that those things I questioned- size, potential choking hazard and inability to suck pieces only meant that it's too early for her.

Yoghurt and Fruit Pouches (99p and suitable from 12 months) come in a variety of flavours from the mixed berries and coconut or strawberry, kiwi and banana fruit pouches to apple and forest fruits Greek style yoghurt. We have received apple & forest fruit yoghurt and mixed berried and coconut.

Both of the pouches have very interesting flavoures: yoghurt pouch has a thick milk shake/ smoothy taste and mixed berries pouch has a smooth, over-powering coconut taste. 

The last but not least we have received and and orange flavour rice cakes (99p and suitable form 12 months), which also come in pear and berries flavour.

"The unique, natural flavour combinations of these deliciously different rice cakes are the perfect treat for tumbling toddlers on the go. The natural fruit flavours of the pear and berries together with the apple and orange will create a superly fruity sensation that your little one is sure to love".

L is not a big fan of rice cakes in general but she was intrigued to try citrusy flavoured rice cakes.  The pack is quite filled which means that they will last you a while.`

Overall, it was an interesting experience and I would definitely buy veg slices and spinach breasticks (quite obsessed with them myself), but it would be great to see more "volume" in the breadsticks packs and fruit & veg slices packs and to see suitable from info on the packaging to avoid confusion

The range is available from all major stockists from mid-February.

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, 19 February 2016

L eats- Organix raspberry & banana muesli review

Since L was introduced to solids we were lucky to try different Organix products, this time we have received raspberry & banana muesli (£1.75) suitable from 10 months old.                                       
"Organix we don’t just make tasty, organic food for children; we aim to help educate parents and children too. Staying true to our word and beliefs is top priority here at Organix and we are committed to never adding anything unnecessary and to setting standards with our food. It's called our No Junk Promise, runs across all of our foods and always will, meaning parents can make an informed choice".

From what I have seen in supermarkets Organix has a bigger variety of breakfast themed products for your little one, from baby rice suitable for a weaning newbie to fruit pots.                                      
I'm always a little bit cautious when it comes to trying strawberry or raspberry flavoured baby foods as these ingredients are commonly know to cause an allergy but once L tried raspberry & banana muesli I didn't notice any swelling or rash which is always a good sign.
It is recommended to mix 5 tablespoons of muesli with 7 tablespoons of warm or cold milk, but since L has porridge every day I have worked out my own portion measurements. Having said that if I normally add 25 teaspoons of muesli/porridge when using Organix breakfast range I tend to use 45 teaspoons.

I try to add equal amounts of cold milk and warm (not hot boiled) water so that porridge looks smooth and creamy. If you are not sure about the portion size always follow instructions on the box and try to start with less porridge as once you add liquid it expands.

As always, I have tried Organix raspberry& banana muesli myself and happy to report back that it tastes lovely, not surprised as L always finishes her bowl.

Organix always guarantees a good quality product with no extra junk, raspberry & banana muesli is not an exception: 

One box lasts us a week and we stock up our favourite Organix goodies in local Sainsbury's, also available in Asda and Tesco.

Disclaimer: I was sent the items mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

It's time to go to nursery

My husband and I have discussed nurseries before as I would need to go back to work at some point. At first we agreed that we would send L to nursery when she is 2, but as I struggle to have a little bit of free time to tidy the house, do some washing we have decided that it's time to go to nursery before L turns 2.

I have spoken about this with my mum who advised to postpone it as L would be more prone to illnesses in the nursery than at home, and my in laws offered to help me choose the nursery.

We have picked 3 nurseries which are not far from our house as it is more convenient without a car.

On one of the childcare websites we found that the number 1 nursery from our list has messy play classes every Wednesday for 50p. To check if it's up to date I decided to call them, the lady on the other end of the phone didn't understand me at first, we had a bit of "lost in translation" moment but eventually I found out that it was an old advertisement. Few days later we went to visit the nursery to see if I can get a better feel of the nursery number 1.

I was greeted by one of the staff members who showed me 2 big front rooms and answered some of my questions. Few minutes later the lady who I spoke to on the phone joined us, who presumably is the nursery manager. To my surprise this lady looked very cross and uninterested, I have even tried to make a joke but even then she didn't smile. 
She told me that they don't allow kids to attend for 1 or 2 days due to harder settling in, and advise to stay in the nursery for at least 4 days. She has also mentioned that they have 65 kids in their nursery which is the highest amount of children I have heard of. Once we have finished and I turned my back to open the door I was completely ignored as if I wasn't there whilst I stood there for few more minutes trying to work out how to open the front door.

The overall conversation and lack of any customer service made me think that it is not the right place for us at all.

Yesterday we went to see the 2nd nursery which had very good reviews from local mums. I was greeted by the staff member from the baby/toddler floor who didn't hesitate to show me around whilst L was playing with other kids. The first minor negative they didn't ask me to take my shoes off, I would prefer a nursery with "No shoes" policy.
The ground floor had 3 small-ish rooms with lots and I mean lots of toys. I have counted no more than 5-6 toddlers and 2 newborns and 4 staff members including the lady I spoke to. She showed me the outside play area with unfortunately is not in use due to slippery decking ( why would you even consider decking knowing it's a hazard?!) so kids are stuck in this 3 small rooms all day. We were there at the time of a free play which to me looked bizarre, toddlers looked absolutely lost, 2 staff members were holding newborns and didn't pay any attention to toddlers and the other I assume apprentice just set in the corner listening to our conversation. 
They showed me lots of documents and policies they need to adhere to, but to me it just didn't have that "yes it's the right place" feel. What surprised me as well is that kids where having naps on bean bags and on a single mattress on the floor, as "they like to sleep whilst holding hands", it sounds absolutely lovely but it is far off from what I imagined nursery should be like.
Regardless of it all L liked playing with kids and toys but unfortunately caught a cold from a little snotty girl, and like my mum said it's not the last cold she will catch if she goes to the nursery.

You may think that with my requirements I will not find the nursery but like any mum I want the best for L.

Now I know what I'm looking for in the next and last nursery and hope our 3rd choice would end up the best choice. 

Monday, 15 February 2016

Review: Zippy Suit Cloudbabies range pyjamas set & giveaway

Couple of weeks ago L had an exciting delivery from Zippy Suit, I have previously reviewed a zipped all in one suit, this time we were offered to review pyjamas from the new Cloudbabies range.

"Zippy Suits were designed after spending many frustrating moments trying to do up matching pairs of poppers when changing very wriggly or crying babies. We simply thought there had to be an easier way….Zippy Suits with their single zip fastening were the solution!"

L and I both liked lovely presented package, little munchkin played with it for few hours but of course the content we liked even more.

Cloudbabies pyjamas set comes as top and bottoms in light pink colour with well-known to almost any little one Cloudbabies character Baba Pink.

Cloudbabies pyjamas set is made of 100% soft cotton, comes is variety of sizes from 6 months to 3 years 
and is worth £15. 

Main features:
- footless bottoms 
- elasticated pink jersey trimmed neck, cuffs, ankles and waist band
- machine washable
- can be tumble dried 

I liked that the pyjamas set is very soft to touch and jersey trimmed waist band and neck line are not too tight which gives reassurance that L will be comfortable at night and pyjamas has lots of room to grow into. 

During cold nights I would recommend to put a long sleeve babygrow underneath the Cloudbabies pyjamas with 2.5 tog sleeping bag so that your little one is nice and warm.

I have washed the set and apart from the picture print which has cracked it has no fluffs and didn't shrink, which normally happens after I tumble dry our clothes.

I have teamed up with Zippy Suit to offer one lucky reader to win an item of our choice from the new Cloudbabies range.

To be in the chance of wining please complete the Rafflecopter form below):

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Clashing household

When I was pregnant with L we read all sorts of parenting book, now I don't remember much from them as I go by what I feel is right for me and L.

My husband and I had numerous discussions about L, her joining our family, us living in a happy house with quiet neighbours and most importantly our common goal-same parenting methods.
To me it was obvious that we need to have the same opinion on things, the same parenting method until L arrived..

As a stay at home mum I'm mostly responsible for L's well-being, if she is happy, changed, fed, slept etc. In the last 19 months I've learned that L is happy in my arms, sometimes with her dummy in mouth (normally dummy free until 5pm) she is happy to play on her own if I'm sitting next to her or she is in the same room when taking a shower, if I allow her to feel free and do whatever she wants in the house ( to a degree of course) purely because that gives me time to scroll social media timelines, eat, go to toilet, have a shower and not to hear her cry because I'm not there. I'm used to doing it now as it's a headache free method which keeps L happy and close to me.

When my husband is home parenting style and L changes, she becomes more whinny, she wants more attention and most importantly she is more restricted because her daddy wouldn't allow her to "run riot and create havoc" in the house.
His parenting method is stricter, he will see the problem in most of the things L does from opening the draws and taking everything out to crawling under my chair and taking my phone, "if we allow her to do whatever she wants L will manipulate you later in her childhood". 

I have to agree she needs to know what "NO" means but I see no reason why L should be restricted in discovering things, she is only a toddler. Is she manipulating me already? Will I follow my mum's strict method of raising me if I be cross with L? So many things go through my head, but how do we find the ultimate parenting method that works for us all?!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Arts & Crafts: Valentine's day card made by toddler

Every Valentine's day I would order a personalised handmade card with Magnolia Tilda character but this year I wanted to make something with L.

I picked 2 simple toddler-friendly activities:

For the first activity you would need a cardboard toilet roll tube, sellotape, red paint and A5 paper. Fold toilet roll in a shape of a heart, put sellotape around it to secure the shape.

For the second activity you would need A5 cardboard paper for the card, red paint, raw potato, knife, paper and glue (I used large white label instead of paper).

To create a heart stamp- cut the top of the potato, use a pencil or a knife to draw a heart shape, cut out the sides and smooth the edges with the knife. Dip the stamp into a paint and dab few times on the paper for trial or let your little one do it.

Once the masterpiece is created glue it on a card or in my case we put the label onto the cardboard paper to create an A5 Valentine's day card. I'm sure you can tell which side was created by L :-)

Monday, 8 February 2016

Review: Boobbix lactation cookies

I have never thought that will be breastfeeding L for so long. For me it is more than just breastfeeding, it's our bonding, cuddling time, a morning and evening snack, "mummy I'm poorly, need milk" calming down time. I don't care that she pulls my top, I don't care that she constantly puts her hands inside my bra, if she is happy that way so am I. 
As I have never been convinced that I have enough milk I'm always looking for products that can increase lactation. Few weeks ago I came across Boobbix lactation cookies and thought it it would be lovely to mix the pleasure of eating cookies which are potentially tasty and useful! 

"Boobbix makes and sells delicious and healthy lactation cookies and cakes for breastfeeding mums that can help to increase milk supply".

I was really impressed with the design of the box (purple is my favourite colour) and was really surprised to see 10 individually packed cookies.  At first I didn't see how practical it could be: all the crumbs stay in a packet and it's so easy to put it in a bag when out and about.

I specifically picked cranberry and almond (£10.50 per box) as I wanted to try something different, a combination of flavours I have never tried before. You can also buy: chocolate chip and oats; date and ginger; oatmeal and raisin; peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.
Once I've tried my first Boobbix cookie I couldn't stop, all the flavours seems to work very well. 
My darling L decided to join me and wouldn't let me go until I give her all the cranberries. 

"Our heavenly Almond and Cranberry Lactation Cookies are filled with Organic Almond Butter and dried Cranberries, and not only taste good, but can also increase breast milk production!

As well as containing Oats, Brewer’s Yeast, Fenugreek and Flaxseed, all traditional remedies to boost milk supply, Boobbix cookies are packed full of vitamins and minerals, including fibre, iron, calcium, protein and Omega 3...

Good nutrition is very important for you and your baby when breastfeeding, especially when you are a new mum and we know finding time to eat is tough so snacking is inevitable. Boobbix cookies are a great way of increasing milk, getting a quick energy boost and satisfying your hunger and cravings!"

I couldn't find information about the dosage on the box but Boobbix website recommends to have 1 or 2 cookies a day as a part of 2500-2700 kcal daily food intake for a breastfeeding mother.

As I didn't know how Boobix will affect my lactation I decided to have a cookie every other day so that I can assess any changes. I have noticed that L "drinks" more milk, as I could hear her, last time it happened when L was newborn and my milk was coming through. Couple of days ago I also had a blocked duct which is too me a sign that I have more milk that usual. If it's not all because of Boobix cookies then it's an interesting coincidence.

I have enjoyed testing/eating these cookies so much that have recommended them on my local breastfeeding support group. To be it's the best sign of a great product!

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Rave-A-Roo- indoor rave for big and small

As L is a big fan of dancing and singing I try to encourage this as it's not only cute and entertaining it gives her that confidence boost I never had as a child. We have few events we plan to attend with L this spring/summer, should be fun! Here is one for those who live close to London or don't mind travelling- Rave-A-Roo!

"Imagine an indoor festival vibe with a focus on families partying together and getting their rave on….and you have Rave-A-Roo: a new clubbing mash-up of festival fun for all the family.

At Rave-A-Roo kids can be themselves, dance, let loose, create, watch or chill.

Launching at London’s most iconic club, Ministry of Sound, in February half term, Rave-A-Roo is an entirely new concept. From toddlers to grandparents, everyone is invited to join in the madcap fun.

It’s the ultimate party with top DJs, the Disco Ball Games, a Big Fish Little Fish takeover, LIVE stage performances, hosts Tom and Adam (from Babyhead and Lost & Found), PlayGlow toys, confetti mayhem, neon craft, Glow Chill Room, and a UV tattoo station.

At Rave-A-Roo there is the chance for mini-clubbers and their adults to take on the dance floor with resident artists Go!Go!Go! as seen on Nick Jr. They’ll be debuting their Electro Set and revealing their brand new look.

For time out from the dance floor and the little ones who can’t party quite as hard, they can take it easy in the Glow Chill Room, with an area for babies, whilst parents watch their little faces light up.

With a fully licensed bar (and tea, coffee and snacks), a convenient on-site buggy park, baby changing, professional security, carefully monitored sound levels and beautifully lit rooms, Rave-A-Roo offers a unique and safe environment for families.

Further dates in iconic venues around the UK, including more dates in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Brighton and Cardiff to be announced Rave-A-Roo will launch at London’s Ministry of Sound on Friday 19th February 2016. Sessions are 1pm to 3pm and 4pm to 6pm.

Tickets are priced £7.50 (earlybird), £10.00 (advanced) and £12.50 (on the door). Babes in arms go free".

You never know maybe your little one  and you will have the best time in you lives!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Little L is 19 months

L seems to be growing so quickly, some days I just stop doing things for a second to inhale her breath, smell, to watch how she babbles away. She can be naughty one minute and then back to her cuteness. My husband says that I should be strict with her but when I see her cute, little face I forgive her for all the naughty things she does. I prefer to give her the freedom of exploring things to a degree of course rather than to constantly telling her 'No'. 

Last week or so I have asked mums with babies of similar age how many words their kids say, as I was worried that L is behind. But our babies are so similar in one thing are completely different in other, some would say 50 words others just a few. For the past couple of days I have noticed that L tries to say colours, or objects she sees, but it doesn't come out the right way I guess due to learning 2 languages at a time. Her favourite word if the week is "NO", she would say 'No' to everything we ask or say. 

She likes to run back and forth and crawl with daddy, likes and laughs when we kiss her tummy, thighs, likes when we sniff her feet and will try to do the same herself. Always goes to the mirror when trying something new on, closes her eyes when pretending to hide/be invisible, says 'bye-bye to people and blows kisses to my mum via Skype, says "baby" when sees a baby or a child and most importantly likes to dance and sing!

Eating is not very great for the past week or so. She still eats crumpet and half of banana as a morning snack, followed by porridge and yougurt, for lunch I offer soup, chicken (or other meat) slices, bread or toasty but she would insist on eating fruit and veg pouches instead. I try to offer her food she didn't finish for snack, which means she may not eat dinner. It's s never ending battle I'm losing all the time.

I seem to think that L is 12 months old and had few failed attempts at trying to fit her into 12-18 months clothes.

Thankfully we didn't have teething troubles for a month or so now, but I have noticed that she puts her hand in a mouth more often now.

We haven't been up to much this month, as it's so cold and miserable we like to cuddle in bed in the morning which is lovely but means we are missing all toddler classes, why in earth they start so early?!

I have started to think about nursery for L as it will help me to have a breather and do my things and of course it would be good for L's socialising. I'm also planning to start swimming lessons with L but as it's so windy and cold I'm delaying it till it gets warmer.

I need to start thinking of how to move L into her cot permanently and maybe to swap sleeping bag with a duvet, she seems to be kicking her sleeping bag off at night.

Any advice on how to gently transfer co-sleeping toddler into the cot?

Monday, 1 February 2016

Valentine's day gift guide

As Valentine's day is fast approaching I have reviewed some lovely items for you, my lovely readers! These are not just some soppy, romantic gifts, they are more thoughtful and practical, just how I like it, I hope you will like them too!
1. Fruity Bouquets. Such a healthy alternative to sweets or even real flowers!
2. Happy socks for him and her
3. Baker Days letterbox cake
4. Five Valleys Cordials
5. Love Heart chocolate jigsaw
6. Joe & Seph's gourmet popcorn

I have stopped drinking alcohol almost 3 years ago since then I'm always on a look out for new alcohol free beverage. Recently I came across an interesting variety of flavours from Five Valleys Cordials
 "Five Valleys Cordials are made very concentrated at a dilution guide of 1:10, which means that each bottle makes up to aprox 4 litres - just add still or sparkling water for the perfect drink!..

Five Valleys Cordials offer uniquely different flavour combinations that tantalise your taste buds & mind"

I have opted for Lemon & Mint Cordial and Cherry & Elderflower Sugar-Free Cordial, which are priced at £3.50 for a 375 ml bottle and can be purchased either from Five Valleys Cordials website or at Waitrose, Ocado and independent Cotswolds stockists.

"Lemon & Mint Cordial is a refreshing combination of crisp ripe lemon and summery garden mint, made with 30% lemon juice. This is like walking in an Cotswold garden in June, full of the heady aroma of mint drenched in the sun of juicy lemons!"

"Cherry & Elderflower Sugar-Free Cordial pairs the juicy, clean astringencies of cherry with the floral herbaceousness of elderflower. Sweetened with Stevia from leaf extracts and sucralose to appeal to the health conscious consumer".

I haven't tried cordials yet as keeping them for a big day but I'm looking forward to tasting both flavours, especially Cherry & Elderflower! I have tried drink with Elderflower before but don't know what to expect from these mix of flavours! Did you know that you can not only mix Five Valley Cordial with still or sparkling water but also make cocktails with them?! I will be trying Lemon & Mint cordial for an alcohol- free mojito, for more cocktail recipes click here.


Popcorn is one of those things when I start eating it, I can't stop! Most of us would associate a popcorn with visiting a cinema or watching a film at home, but Joe & Seph's gourmet popcorn is a different kettle of fish! You have to embrace it's flavours, textures and enjoy the gourmet this lovely snack!

"Joe & Seph's produces a truly scrumptious range of gourmet popcorn that has taken years to perfect, including sweet flavours such as delicious salty caramel to crazy pepper and chilli as well as a savoury range such that includes goats cheese & black pepper. We promise it is the best popcorn you've ever tasted!"

We have received 4 different pouches- white chocolate & strawberry; caramel, macchiato & whisky; salted caramel and triple chocolate. I have left the first three for Valentine's day and we decided to test Triple chocolate aka cookies & cream, milk chocolate and white chocolate. 

I was absolutely blown away by it's authentic cookie taste! It's not too sweet, a little bit crunchy like a cookie, it tastes just right! I have asked my husband to guess the flavour of the popcorn without seeing the label as a massive caramel fan he guessed it right! 

Joe & Seph's resealable pouches vary in weight and prices starting from standard 70g pouch of gourmet popcorn for £4, which can be purchased directly from Joe & Seph's or in Cineworld, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols stores. If you think it might be a little bit pricey for you I dare you to try it at least once in your life, it is worth it!

I have previously reviewed Baker Days for my Baby Shower, we had surprised guest who have never heard of letterbox cakes before and didn't expect it to be so tasty and so fresh. 

This time I have decided to review a personalised letterbox cake for Valentine's day as I think it is a great idea to have something ready, delivered to your door! 

"We have developed an almost unlimited selection of cake designs with messages that can all be personalised to create a unique centre piece to any occasion. We are also able to produce your own special designs.
Creating your very own Personalised Cake has never been easier!
All our cakes are made specially to order and shipped in rugged packaging and we guarantee it will arrive safely and on time".

I have picked Valentine's hearts cake personalised with " To The One I Love..Happy Valentines Day! love, Victoria xxx". The letterbox cake is priced at £14.99, is 12.7cm wide and can be shared between a couple or a maximum of 4 people. We had 5-6 small slices which we thought was more than enough.  
You can also pick from a variety of designs and flavours- vanila or chocolate chip sponge cakes or for the additional £2 you can purchase fruit cake and for the additional £3 you can buy gluten free/dairy free cakes. 

Baker Days letterbox cake was thoroughly enjoyed with a cup of tea earlier last week as I wasn't sure for how long it will last, we left it in a box for about 3-4 days since it arrived and it tasted as fresh it you would expect from a freshly- baked cake!
I was a little bit disappointed though with personalised message looking a bit blurry but I hope it was just a glitch of the machine.

Disclaimer: I was sent  items mentioned above for the purpose of this review/gift guide. All thoughts and opinions are my own.