Monday, 22 February 2016

L eats: the Super Yummies toddler snacks review

I'm always very excited to try new, healthy snack suitable for L, The Super Yummies is our recent discovery. 

"Part of the well-loved Cow & Gate family, The Super Yummies are superly delicious and come in ground-breaking flavour combinations that your toddler will love. With only naturally occurring salt and sugar, making the range irresistible for both mum and their little one".

We have received freeze dried fruit pieces and vegetable slices, breadsticks, rice cakes, and a variety of fruit and yoghurt pouches. 

At 19 months old L knows what and when she is hungry and sometimes will bring a specific pouch she wants to eat, point at the snack she wants to have or completely refuses to eat what's on offer. As the Super Yummies look and taste different to L's usual snacks I was very interested to see her reaction.

We started off with breadsticks (£1.69 and suitable from 12 months), which come in 2 different flavoures: tomato & basil and spinach, we have received spinach ones to try.

The pack itself once opened can be re-sealed which is very handy when you are out and about and keeps breadsticks fresh.
Spinach flavoured breadstick were a complete mind- opener for me as I'm not really keen on spinach, but The Super Yumies breadsticks were quite nice with more of a settle cool, minty flavour. L wasn't sure at first but eventually she realised that they are not too bad at all. 

Spinach breadsticks contain "Wheat flour (81%), Palm oil, Oats (5%), Spinach flakes (2%), Yeast, Malt extract (barley), Raising agent, Basil, Vitamin B1".

You can eat them as they are or dip them into sauces, we didn't go that far as L is just getting used to new flavours and textures due to late start with baby led foods/snacks.

Next we tried freeze dried fruit, 75p (the banana and yoghurt, or strawberry and yoghurt) and vegetable pieces75p (beetroot and parsnip slices) packs suitable form 36 months+.

They are "made from 100% real fruit and vegetables" and promise to melt once in your toddler's mouth. 

We have received  banana and yoghurt fruit pieces pack and vegetable pieces pack to try, which was something new for us as I have only seen similar products on the Apprentice. I didn't have my hopes high for the vegetable pack as I know L is not a big fan of vegetables in general, but to my surprise L didn't mind both of the packs. 
I have only realised that they are not suitable for L's age once she already tried them, I have noticed that the slices and yogurt pieces seem a little bit too big for her and had to quarter them. I now can see that those things I questioned- size, potential choking hazard and inability to suck pieces only meant that it's too early for her.

Yoghurt and Fruit Pouches (99p and suitable from 12 months) come in a variety of flavours from the mixed berries and coconut or strawberry, kiwi and banana fruit pouches to apple and forest fruits Greek style yoghurt. We have received apple & forest fruit yoghurt and mixed berried and coconut.

Both of the pouches have very interesting flavoures: yoghurt pouch has a thick milk shake/ smoothy taste and mixed berries pouch has a smooth, over-powering coconut taste. 

The last but not least we have received and and orange flavour rice cakes (99p and suitable form 12 months), which also come in pear and berries flavour.

"The unique, natural flavour combinations of these deliciously different rice cakes are the perfect treat for tumbling toddlers on the go. The natural fruit flavours of the pear and berries together with the apple and orange will create a superly fruity sensation that your little one is sure to love".

L is not a big fan of rice cakes in general but she was intrigued to try citrusy flavoured rice cakes.  The pack is quite filled which means that they will last you a while.`

Overall, it was an interesting experience and I would definitely buy veg slices and spinach breasticks (quite obsessed with them myself), but it would be great to see more "volume" in the breadsticks packs and fruit & veg slices packs and to see suitable from info on the packaging to avoid confusion

The range is available from all major stockists from mid-February.

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. We have just tried out some of these products. I loved the spinach breadsticks but my kids didn't. And none of us really liked the apple and orange rice crackers. The squeeze packs went down a treat though . #TriedTested

  2. Oh these sound great! I will have to try them with Noah!

  3. I like the look of those fruit and vegetable pieces. I wonder if my two will eat them, they're not toddlers anymore but I'm always looking for ways to get more fruit and veg into them!

  4. Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  5. Wow haven't come across these before - they look good!