Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Arts & Crafts: Valentine's day card made by toddler

Every Valentine's day I would order a personalised handmade card with Magnolia Tilda character but this year I wanted to make something with L.

I picked 2 simple toddler-friendly activities:

For the first activity you would need a cardboard toilet roll tube, sellotape, red paint and A5 paper. Fold toilet roll in a shape of a heart, put sellotape around it to secure the shape.

For the second activity you would need A5 cardboard paper for the card, red paint, raw potato, knife, paper and glue (I used large white label instead of paper).

To create a heart stamp- cut the top of the potato, use a pencil or a knife to draw a heart shape, cut out the sides and smooth the edges with the knife. Dip the stamp into a paint and dab few times on the paper for trial or let your little one do it.

Once the masterpiece is created glue it on a card or in my case we put the label onto the cardboard paper to create an A5 Valentine's day card. I'm sure you can tell which side was created by L :-)

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