Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Little L is 19 months

L seems to be growing so quickly, some days I just stop doing things for a second to inhale her breath, smell, to watch how she babbles away. She can be naughty one minute and then back to her cuteness. My husband says that I should be strict with her but when I see her cute, little face I forgive her for all the naughty things she does. I prefer to give her the freedom of exploring things to a degree of course rather than to constantly telling her 'No'. 

Last week or so I have asked mums with babies of similar age how many words their kids say, as I was worried that L is behind. But our babies are so similar in one thing are completely different in other, some would say 50 words others just a few. For the past couple of days I have noticed that L tries to say colours, or objects she sees, but it doesn't come out the right way I guess due to learning 2 languages at a time. Her favourite word if the week is "NO", she would say 'No' to everything we ask or say. 

She likes to run back and forth and crawl with daddy, likes and laughs when we kiss her tummy, thighs, likes when we sniff her feet and will try to do the same herself. Always goes to the mirror when trying something new on, closes her eyes when pretending to hide/be invisible, says 'bye-bye to people and blows kisses to my mum via Skype, says "baby" when sees a baby or a child and most importantly likes to dance and sing!

Eating is not very great for the past week or so. She still eats crumpet and half of banana as a morning snack, followed by porridge and yougurt, for lunch I offer soup, chicken (or other meat) slices, bread or toasty but she would insist on eating fruit and veg pouches instead. I try to offer her food she didn't finish for snack, which means she may not eat dinner. It's s never ending battle I'm losing all the time.

I seem to think that L is 12 months old and had few failed attempts at trying to fit her into 12-18 months clothes.

Thankfully we didn't have teething troubles for a month or so now, but I have noticed that she puts her hand in a mouth more often now.

We haven't been up to much this month, as it's so cold and miserable we like to cuddle in bed in the morning which is lovely but means we are missing all toddler classes, why in earth they start so early?!

I have started to think about nursery for L as it will help me to have a breather and do my things and of course it would be good for L's socialising. I'm also planning to start swimming lessons with L but as it's so windy and cold I'm delaying it till it gets warmer.

I need to start thinking of how to move L into her cot permanently and maybe to swap sleeping bag with a duvet, she seems to be kicking her sleeping bag off at night.

Any advice on how to gently transfer co-sleeping toddler into the cot?

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