Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Christmas gift guide for Foodies and Health & Wellness concerned: JML Nutri Blitzer

For the passed year all our family members have tried to improve their well- being. I personally had many days where I would enjoy my new lifestyle and days where I wanted to "spoil" myself to something that I have craved so my journey and progress perhaps was slower than I wanted. 
I decided to cut down on carbs and swap brown rice for boiled broccoli and cauliflower as I felt bloated in the evening and then few days later, I have tried to stay away from bread and other wheat products and introduced some gluten-free products, one of them is my new favourite gluten- free vegetable lasagne that even L enjoys eating too (proud moment as L normally wouldn't eat vegetables at all) and my last change- lots of freshly made fruit smoothies with the help of my new gadget- JML Nutri Blitzer (£49.99).
I have previously used a basic jug blender which was poor in comparison to Nutri Blitzer. To start with Nutri Blitzer has a shiny black base, comes with 2 different type of blades (for smoothie making or grinding nuts and even leaves), power base can be used with either 1 large 900ml cup with the handle and or one of the 2 small 650ml cups with handles, all 3 can be used with resealable lids. Seems too perfect for a little clever machine! But I think I have found my new little helper and my motivator for yet another healthy year (or years) ahead of me! 

If you ask me " Should I invest in Nutri Blitzer for Christmas or any other occasion for that matter?!" I would say a definite "YES". It has been an eye-opener how technology has moved on and how easy it is to "receive" nutrients with a nifty gadget such as Nutri Blizer! 

 "So if nutrition and healthy living are at the top of your wish list for a new, happier, healthier you, look no further than the incredible Nutri Blitzer. The original nutrition extractor to get the essential ingredients your body needs".

Disclaimer: I have received the product mentioned above for the purpose of these review/feature. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Christmas gift guide for GIN lovers

I have never been an alcohol enthusiast but I do like to see what's trendy and why people are having obsessions over a certain alcoholic drink! The latter would be more referred to the sparkling beverage which seemed to be quite popular but I want to talk about a slightly different drink, some would call it even more sophisticated and modern- Gin! 

Believe it or not, I have tried gin for the first time about a year ago or so which was served with tonic water and a rosemary in my glass, which was a really nice touch and a delightful drink in general!

Once the "C" word started to slowly creep into our lives I came across a unique gift idea for gin lovers, for those who appreciate the drink, perhaps for those who like novelty drinks or those looking for an alternative presents. Would you like to know what it is? It's Gin Baubles from Master of Malt (£29.95)! 
Gin baubles come in a little themed cardboard secured into a foam style insert. Six colourful baubles come with a red ribbon attached to the top of the plastic bauble, which makes it a safe and a thought through gift! 

Friday, 10 November 2017

Our half term holiday week in pictures

Since L started receiving 15 hour free funding at nursery we decided not to pay for a holiday club and spend some time together. With L not napping anymore it was a bit of a mission for me to find things to do!
Unfortunately most Halloween themed parties had a late start (6:30pm) or were sold out weeks before holidays which made me panic a little bit as I felt really restricted with me not being able to drive. But as I was determined to have some fun and do different things every day I (perhaps too eagerly) decided to book few local taxi trips for us to see a show "Hairy Maclary and Friends" and to visit a local farm.
Oh and we saw a gorgeous pheasant in our garden! I was so worried about him so had to call few RSPB offices but unfortunately no one picked up the phone nor called me back so I can only hope he is safe and sound!
Hairy Maclary show has been mentioned many times after watching the show as L was really impressed with characters and especially a cat! So here are few more pictures from our autumn half term holiday week:

How did you spend halt term break?