Friday, 19 May 2017

Review: Baby Born Play & Fun bike

Few weeks ago we had a surprise delivery for L who couldn't believe her eyes when she saw Baby Born Play & Fun bike (£24.99). I think L wanted her own toy bike for quite some time now as showed an interest in helping me push her trike pretending that she is looking after her little baby.
The bike itself is is suitable from 3 years old and is a toy version of a push along bike/trike with stabilisers, pedals and handlebar with straps keeping feet and hands in place as well as a comfy seat which secures the doll (can be purchased separately) with a velco belt and last but not the least a colour changing toy on a front wheel.
Play & Fun bike comes almost assembled and with batteries, all you need to do is attach the handle bar at the back, a rubber duck horn onto the handlebar and bottle at the front of the bike.

L didn't hesitate to test the bike, she put her undressed Baby Born onto the bike whilst testing the colour changing toy at the front, security straps and cute flag with the duck on. 
I always say that kids are way more aware of things rather than adults for instance with this toy it took me ages to work out how to switch the light on, in fact it didn't work when I tested it, where is L figured this out and "fixed" it in few seconds!
We took Baby Born Play & Fun bike to play outside and have used it plenty of times at home. I like that the bike is of a great quality, cute look and accessories that can be used with it or used on its own, how L uses it for her imaginative play and gets excited every time the bike appears, very easy to use and push by a toddler, it is certainly a toy that will last us and in general a while. Having said that I would have preferred the bike to be slightly heavier than the doll and maybe a more longer or adjustable handle would work better for the kids of different heights and ages. 

The bike is a great addition to our Baby Born collection and would make a great gift for a doll lover!

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Monday, 10 April 2017

L.O.L. Surprise! Easter Hunt

I remember this time last year I was bookmarking ideas for Easter Egg Hunt and couldn't wait until L would be old enough to understand and get involved. 

Before I even started planning our entertainment programme for this Easter lovely people representing L.O.L. Surprise have sent us a bundle of goodies including: L.O.L. Surprise Diva Bow, Secret Message, Jokes, Colouring In Sheet, Postcard, Sweets & a L.O.L. Surprise (£7.99 available from major toy stores).
For those who don't know L.O.L. Surprise is different take on surprise eggs, which my darling daughter loves to watch on Youtube. 
Main surprise (cute, collectible doll) wrapped in 7 layers of "wrapping paper" with different clues and mini-accessories including water bottle, stickers, shoes, outfit, accessory. Round, plastic ball with the handle is a girly alternative to usual egg-shaped "shell", both sides of which can be used as a lounge and a bath for little doll.
So on early Sunday morning I have prepared bunting in the garden, hidden few extra eggs with Easter themed characters drawn on them and with few eggs with little surprises inside to make it more fun, I have attached L.O.L Surprise colouring sheet on our rotary airer to give L a clue what the big surprise could be about.

I have managed to forget where some of the eggs were hidden but it was fun to see L getting excited when she would spot an egg, or ask what the next colour of the egg would be. 


When L eventually found L.O.L Surprise ball all we could hear was "Wow" whilst she was unwrapping layer after layer. 
The collectible doll looks super cute, has a squishy face with little holes in her eyes, mouth and at the bottom for some water games and most importantly is a super-hero character- L's favourite type of role play! We are yet to try and see how little doll cries, spits the drink, wees and changes colour in the cold water as L would only want to play with it in the sand.

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Little L is 32 months old

Oh gosh, it seems like I notice less changes in L, she grows and develops but with me being around her 24/7 I stopped noticing obvious things for some.

I am very proud of her though as L is very good with her numbers both in English and Russian, she knows her colours. I have tried to make it less pushy as possible so it all comes naturally for her and I think I did a great job, not without a help of L's favourite Youtube educational videos. 

Potty training at the nursery hasn't moved anywhere I'm just hoping one day it clicks that it is OK to do it there too, rather than to say "No" to it.

We have more meltdowns and tantrums, which is impossible to stop until she finally gets what she wants or we manage to destruct L. It just seems like such a sudden change to L that takes time getting used to and hopefully it will pass as quickly as it appeared!