Friday, 15 June 2018

Father's Day with Personalised parties

I am always last minute when it comes to buying gifts for Father's Day. This time I had a good excuse as we have been away for 2 weeks. Personalised parties had such a great range of products for the upcoming day starting from Notebooks for "Retro Tech Dads" to Personalised Dad's Bike Chocolate Bar.

Father's Day range includes (personalisation option available): wrapping papers, mugs, chocolate bars and notebooks.

I have opted for 2 products that I thought are a close match to man figures in our family- 
chocolate for a sweet tooth of a techy guy and 
an notebook for thoughts and doodles of a "lone rider"- perfect match!

What have you or your little ones bought for this spacial day?

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this feature.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Review: Learning Club- monthly subscription box for pre-school children

I am a big fan of practical and educational toys so when Gifts For Little Hand asked us to review a recently launched The Learning Club- monthly subscription box for pre-school children I knew it would be something to look forward to.

"The Learning Club is a subscription box with a difference – packed full of fun activities and carefully crafted to help children aged 3-5 years to learn and develop".
The subscription box was posted through the letterbox while we were away which seems to be very convenient- you don't have to wait for the courier to arrive or sign for the package. 
At first I have noticed little touches such as The Learning Club characters on the box itself and of course personalisation "To Little L". L loves to check the post everyday and would search for her letter (L) on address labels, just imagine how happy she was not only to spot her big L but to know that this package is actually for her!
The contents of the box were nicely packed in a tissue paper and sealed with the branded label, all looking tasteful and cute! 

So what have we received:
- Learning Club booklet with all information we need to know about each item with detailed instructions
- a little round tray and a mini bag of sand for mark making
- a book to read
- some craft supplies for a certain activity
- progress chart with start stickers

From what I have gathered each Learning Club character represents a certain area of leaning which is covered each month. 
Our first box was dedicated to Lucas Lion and activities focusing around literacy.
We have started with "getting to know" Lucas Lion and used crafty supplies provided to create the character by using wooden spoon, yellow and red paints, paint brush, a pair of googly eyes, glue, mini mixing spatula, permament marker and coloured threads.
Next up was mark making activity which we performed by using Flash Card (provided) set, mini tray and sand. It was perhaps the messiest out of all 3 activities but fun and educational nonetheless. 

As the day was coming to an end L asked daddy to read her the book which was also provided in the subscription box. "Book of the month" was Cinderella, a well-known fairy-tail and one of L's favourite too!

Overall, I am very impressed with the contents of the Learning Club subscription box and the way it was all presented. Educational toys are certainly suitable for L's age and will be used over and over. And this is what entice me in this particular project-practical and educational!

Having said that I felts that perhaps arts and crafts activity was advanced as needed more encouragement and involvement from an adult, but kids are all different and could me more or less developed.

Learning Club subscription box can make a great present, which you can opt to purchase for a duration of 4, 7 or 12 months with price starting from £60; or you you can opt for a monthly (£15 per month) or annual (£144) subscription.

Learning Club also have a 50% discount code at the moment: LC50 so hurry it's an incredibly good deal! 

Disclaimer: We were provided with the Learning Club subscription box for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, 25 May 2018

BABY Secrets Weekend Fun

We have been recently challenged to do some duck themed activities with BABY Secrets characters and I just couldn't say 'no' as firstly we find ducks very cute and secondly L just adores those cute and sometimes naughty BABY Secrets babies.

So whilst the weather was perfect for picnics and long walks, little L and I decided to make ourselves comfortable in the garden and do some painting. 

We looked at the paint pots that were included with the duck money box, looked at the colour mixing instructions and the main picture of the duck form the packaging so that L is clear on the end result. Having said that I didn't want to control the process as it was an activity for L more so, and as a free spirit that she is, L decided on her own colour theme for the money box. 

Once the money box was dry, on the fresh air it took few minutes, L was ready to feel the box with the coins out of my purse. Money box was an apt gift for L as she is very much into counting coins and playing "shop" games.
On a little bit duller day we decided to cheer ourselves up by baking yummy chocolate chips cookies out of the mix provided with our bundle. Cheeky Baby Secrets babies just had to be included in the process. 
To my surprise the process was very simple and didn't take long: pour the mix into the bowl, add could of tablespoons of water and stir until it looks like dough. Creating duck shapes took a little longer as I think I put too much water in the mix and it was a little too sticky but I think we pulled it off!

Disclaimer: We were provided with the products mentioned above for the purpose of this feature.