Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Why I can't tell when teething strikes

L is almost 13 months and I still can't tell when she is teething. I'm so used to her crying and being unsettled that sometimes I just don't see the signs of teething. 
I'm not ignoring her crying or let her suffer, I always attend L when she is crying and needs me and I will give her paracetamol when I see she is in pain. But can never tell when it's teething until I see and feel her gums.Does it make me a horrible, ignorant mum?

Since L was born we were told that she has a good pair of lungs and can just cry without a reason, then we were told that she is crying because has colic, it's another development stage, teething, jabs, hungry, constipated etc etc. 

My husband and I always debate whether to give her medication or to see if she is just being fussy. As I spend with L 24/7 I know what she is like during the day and evening but because she can be fussy for long periods of time without apparent reason, when teething strikes I'm simply not noticing it.
For instance for the past couple of weeks we had broken sleep, L can cry dozen of times throughout the night, won't accept her dummy which she normally likes and eventually when I rub her chest/tummy or breastfeed her will nod off on my arm. Morning and afternoon naps are a nightmare as well, she will sleep for 30 minutes and then will wake up crying and only fall asleep on me. At first I was just getting on with it, and I tried to have as much sleep during the day as possible (normally when she was sleeping on me). But since yesterday she just won't settle down for night sleep.

Can you tell when your little one is teething?


  1. This is exactly how Amelia was! I never knew when she was teething as she was such a whingy baby anyways i could never tell the difference. She never seemed to be in pain though, there were no signs. She never dribbled much and she never had red cheeks so i don't think it bothered her.

    It definitely doesn't make you a horrible mum! Not at all! All babies are different xx

  2. It doesn't get any easier! My two are 3.5 and 2.5 and I still can't tell!