Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pregnancy update 8 (10) weeks

Last week we were brave enough to tell our close relatives that we are expecting. I feel so relieved now, I needed a little bit more support and understanding from people, who know exactly how I feel.

In my previous post I mentioned that booked appointment to see midwife. Few days later I received a letter from a hospital saying that I will see a midwife and have dating scan, I am thrilled, but worried that it will be rushed..but we have to wait and see..


Visible changes in my body: when I wear trousers it feels a bit tighter in a waist area

How do I feel: nauseous, sick

Cravings: I have more things I don’t feel like eating than cravings

Any other changes: increased sense of smell driving me mad- feel sick when my hubby uses deodorant, feel sick when I'm in the kitchen while hubby cooks; just generally anything can trigger my sickness. Yesterday I felt sorry for myself, couldn’t stop crying.

Baby: According to the time when we conceived our baby I am sure baby is around 8 weeks, but according to doctors calculations its 10 weeks (which still doesn’t make any sense to me). I guess we will get proper due date on our first appointment with a midwife.

How did you deal with sickness?

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