Friday, 8 November 2013

6 weeks (8 weeks) pregnancy

Early in October I started feeling weird period pains, period wasn't due yet but I felt that maybe I am pregnant and did a test, which showed 1 stripe. Even though I was a little bit upset I still had faith and took few tests with us on our honeymoon. In the middle of our holiday we found out that I am pregnant.

My husband was totally calm, but I felt that deep down I am panicking, I guess started realising that from now on our lives have to change for good.

We really enjoyed the rest of our honeymoon, I didn’t have any problems with nausea or anything else. But possibly the fact that our flight back home was like a never ending moment (7 hours flying, then transit for 9 hours and then another 6 hours flying) since then I didn’t feel that great.

As I didn’t really know what to do – to go to see doctor straight away or to wait, I did a small research via Internet and called few Gps and only after that called my gp to book an appointment. Appointment was very brief, she checked my blood pressure at least 4 times, gave me Emma's Diary magazine, and my Pregnancy note book (which will have information about myself and baby development throughout my pregnancy).

Visible changes in my body: breast are a bit bigger

How do I feel: tired, nauseous, worried (I check every time if I have bleeding, thinking am I still pregnant) and at the same time happy when I feel sick, as it means baby is still there.

Cravings: just everything I feel like (my cravings change every day)

Any other changes: stopped drinking coffee in the morning, started drinking green tea, have weird after-taste after every meal or snack (very annoying), wake up in the middle of the night to go to toilet (which isn’t great as after that I cant fall asleep), breast tenderness, increased sense of smell, I also have lots of spots like before period.

Baby: According to the time when we conceived our baby I am sure baby is around 6 weeks, but according to doctors calculations its 8 weeks (which still doesn’t make any sense to me).I guess we will get proper due date on our first appointment with a midwife.

Did we tell anyone: I am very tempted to our closest family members. It is impossible to hide from my mum and not to tell her, but I am still trying to convince her that I am not pregnant. After we came back from holiday she said straight away she said my face changed, my voice changed and was asking loads of question if I am pregnant..)

How did you feel at these early stages?


  1. I never felt hugely different in the early stages I just "knew" I was pregnant! congratulations #magnificentmonday

    1. one part of me cant believe Im pregnant)) thanks)