Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My first antenatal (booking) appointment booked! Yay!

I know its been only a week and a bit since I have told my GP that I'm pregnant, but today (actually last night) I have decided to chase up my local hospital to see if they received my referral.

Good news- they did receive it, but bad news for me- my first antenatal appointment will be only in 3 weeks, which makes me 10 or 12 weeks pregnant.

You may disagree with what I am going to write next, but as a first time mum-to-be I'm worried that it takes ages to see specialist and discuss all issues, questions etc. 

For me it is very important to know and be reassured that my baby and I are fine and everything is normal..I feel like I'm actually on my own with my pregnancy at the moment, yes I have supportive husband and Internet, and any questions can be answered with one click, but I prefer to speak with a real person, specialist, to do millions of tests etc etc. That will make me happy and satisfied and less worried.

Did you feel the same way when you were pregnant?


  1. Congratulations! I think that it's pretty common here with the NHS, unless you are having problems. I had an earlier appointment, because I was in pain and worried. And be prepared that the nurses don't necessarily know better. If you want to have someone to talk to, find me on Facebook.

  2. Congratulations. I actually found that in my first pregnancy, I was always with the midwife or at the hospital. Second time round was different. They seemed to have the opinion 'oh you've done it already so you know what's coming' and I hardly saw anyone which I hated

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