Friday, 29 November 2013

My booking appointment with a midwife

Last week I have received a letter from hospital saying that they booked a community midwife home visit, which I had this Thursday.
I wrote a list of questions to ask, prepared my pregnancy notes and information about my previous illnesses.

Midwife seemed quiet reserved which made me think that it doesn’t really work for me as I would like to find common ground with a person I am going to see throughout my pregnancy as it was literally quiet impossible.
Overall, I didn't enjoy my first ever experience with the midwife, if you remember I did mention in one of my previous posts that I feel like I'm on my own here with my pregnancy, still feel the same way.

First of all, the midwife was from the wrong area, not the closest to our house, so I had to ask her to refer me to our local children's centre, meaning I would need to wait till beginning of next year- my 16 weeks appointment.

Secondly, after she left I looked at my pregnancy notes and she ticked lots of boxes saying “discussed” and things never been discussed or leaflets given.

I feel like I am back to square one, its my first ever pregnancy and I feel neglected, next weeks I'm going to be 12 weeks, which deems to be dangerous trimester and no one examined me internally or externally. Maybe it is normal I don’t know that, for me it is certainly far from being normal...Do I need to be more forceful?!

Was it different for you or similar?


  1. It's totally normal nowadays not to examine you early on, and in fact no internal is needed at all until you reach the end and they either want to determine how labour is progressing or give you a sweep to move things along a bit.
    Don't let it make you feel neglected, just enjoy the fact it means everything is absolutely as it should be and you have nothing special to worry about x

    1. I guess I'm just not used to English medical system, in my country it is different, more thorough I would say regardless of a woman feeling good or not. I guess I just have to enjoy and be grateful for what I have)