Wednesday, 11 February 2015

#Babysleep experiment day 7

I have finally came round to Jo's suggestion that I should stop breastfeeding at night. It feels like L is waking up at night way too much for my liking and wakes up half and hour or an hour earlier because of that but if I decided to give it a go I need to persevere. 

Day 7 (Tuesday):
8:00- woke up
8:10- breastfeeding
9:30- feeding
10:00- walk\asleep
10:30- awake 
12:05- breastfeeding
12:25- asleep
13:50- woke up screaming, but soothed back to sleep
15:00- awake
15:20- feeding, didn't have too much/breastfeeding
17:35- walk/sleep
18:39- awake
19:30- feeding
20:50- breastfeeding
21:10- asleep
00:00- woke up crying/screaming/co-slept whilst wearing Pampers baby-dry

L naps much better than before just need to tackle night sleep and feeding times as it seems when I offer her solids just doesn't want food.

Any idea how to improve feeding?

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