Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Peanut Hottie- peanut butter & chocolate flavoured hot drink review

After reviewing the original Peanut Hottie's instant hot drink, I was extremely excited to try the new chocolate addition.
The drink is described as "Peanut butter and chocolate flavour instant hot beverage made with real peanuts". 
To make the perfect drink, the setup remains the same, use 4 teaspoons (or more depending on your preference) and mix with hot water to produce a smooth peanut butter hot drink.
I opted for 3 spoonfulls as it retained the wonderful peanut flavour and saved an extra spoonful, for when the drink powder is running low (clever, right?)!
The drink was thicker than the original Peanut Hottie and stronger in flavour than the original Peanut Hottie drink.

There was a hint of chocolate flavour to the drink, but due to the strong peanut flavour it was slightly more overpowering. This does not take anything away from the wonderful peanut butter flavour and there is a subtle difference between the original flavour and the chocolate addition.

I love the cheeky idea that you can have several mugs of the wonderful drink knowing you are only indulging in 83 calories worth of your daily amount. For all the health conscious souls out there, this is a super drink which very much rivals the traditional hot chocolate drink, if not surpasses the old school pre-bed drink.

Are we looking at a replacement drink for the traditional hot chocolate, tea and coffee? That is for you to decide, but from my perspective this drink is no.1 for hot drinks.

If you would like to try Peanut Hottie, it is available in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Tesco- the store finder tool on the website will let you find your local supermarket to save a wasted trip.

Disclamer: I was provided with Peanut Hottie tub for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Ooooo this looks amazing, I love Peanut Butter may have to invest it this! x


  2. We have tried this and we loved it....Such a great drink! x

  3. Gaaah why don't Morrisons stock this!!! Looks yum! #triedtested