Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Little L is 7 months

I must be saying it every time but I can't believe that L is 7 months! 
She can sit up unaided, but can't pull herself upright from lying position, she can stand mainly on us. L also attempts to move backwards and not really keen on crawling which made me think that she won't crawl just like mummy didn't.

L likes touching different surfaces, tags, buttons, bags, pull mummy's hair, daddy's zip on a hoodie and pull his glasses.
I am obsessed with L and feel so uncomfortable when have to leave her with someone else, thankfully we do it only once a week when go shopping at no more than for an hour.

This month L tried her first fromage frais and looks like she doesn't mind it, L also tried her first snacks- biscuits and rice cakes. She eats solids but hates lumpy food and will gag which makes me a little bit nervous. L is not very adventurous with solids and tasting new things but I don't mind I'm sure when she is ready she will eat for England.

And most importantly- my little darling daughter said "mamama", so cute!

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