Thursday, 5 February 2015

#Babysleep experiment day 1

Tuesday was a little bit more special than any other day, I had a skype session with Jo Tantum- UK's No1 baby sleep expert and Pampers sleep expert! I am planing to write a separate post about this, but in short it was exciting and inspiring!

The whole day I was doubting myself- if I can pull it off, if I can do exactly what Jo suggested.  I felt so confused at the same time, my mother-in-law was saying one thing about L's sleeping, my friends, cousin, mum were saying completely different. 
I know sometimes you should do what is best for you and your baby, but being a first-time parent is not so easy especially when it comes to sleeping.

Previously to changing our sleep time routine L used to wake up between 8:30am and 10am. I didn't mind it at all, actually I think it's the best time for us allowing me to sleep as well. 
During her first morning nap L used to sleep on me, yes I couldn't do much if she was on me but I didn't mind it as I was watching my favourite TV show.
Then up until recently she used to fall asleep hour later after waking up as felt tired, then feeding, then hour later sleeping, then waking up, feeding, hour playing, sleeping and the same thing over and over again. Around a week ago or so L wanted to nap about an hour later after she woke up and then at 1pm and and 3 pm. 
During the day I used to put her into her carry cot from a travel system by my side as it allowed me to do things on my laptop whilst I'm helping her to nod off. And next sleep would be whilst we go for a walk around 5:30pm or 6pm.

Whilst writing the post I realised that L wakes up and cries and can't calm herself down without me.

Jo adjusted our routine slightly recommending to feed every 4 hours, which to be honest with you made me a little bit nervous, with not enough breast milk I thought that 4 hour gap might be too much for L, so the first day of my new #babysleep routine I started with feeding L every 3 hours.

I must say that the day went not according to plan and we ended up co- sleeping again, I'm yet to work out if it's good or bad, but I did it for the sake of having a good night sleep- mine and L's.

Day 1 (Wednesday):
9:30- woke up
11:15- relaxing in the cot/soothing to sleep
11:30- fell asleep
12:04- woke up
12:10- feeding
12:30- breastfeeding
14:00- relaxing in the cot/soothing to sleep
14:20- breastfeeding/falling asleep on a breast
14:30- sleep
15:13- woke up
15:30 feeding
16:50- breastfeeding
17:30- sleeping whilst walking
18:35- woke up
18:40- feeding
20:30- relaxing in the cot/soothing to sleep
20:40- breastfeeding
21:15- sleeping
22:15- woke up crying/ I was rubbing tummy, saying "shhh", putting back dummy over and over again
22:38- picker L up to calm down
22:48- fell asleep
22:50- crying again/I was rubbing tummy, saying "shhh", putting back dummy over and over again
23:02- fell asleep
23:14- crying again/ decided to co-sleep

What would you change in our routine? 

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  1. Sadly I have no words of wisdom to offer. I just came here to say that our daily routine is pretty much the same as yours.I was advised by a health visitor to make sure feeding isn't the last thing before sleep, so do feed, bath, story, sleep. If you feed them to sleep/usually falls alseep on you then as soon as they wake they want you because it's what they are used to. It's definitely an easier said than done thing.