Wednesday, 18 February 2015

#Babysleep skype session with Jo Tantum and Pampers

Couple of weeks ago I have mentioned that I had a very inspiring and exciting chat with Jo Tantum- UK's No1 baby sleep expert and a Pampers representative Cathy (I'm sorry if I got it wrong).

The very first time I've heard about Jo was at the NEC Baby Show 2014 when my husband and I were strolling around trying to find bargains. I remember the announcement that the UK leading sleeping expert Jo Tantum will be answering questions soon but I didn't pay attention as I assumed that we won't have any problems with sleep (shows my lack of experience with babies, again!).

Almost 9 months later I was offered an opportunity to "meet" Jo, couldn't miss it this time so I jump at the chance!

Prior to the chat I was a little bit worried/nervous as saw that L is getting tired which meant that she could start crying at any point or would be a grumpy little madam.

In total we had around 15 minutes, during the first part Jo answered some of my questions and suggested how we should change the routine during the day and night. After the chat I was a little bit upset that no one ever suggested to me or said similar things, was upset because I felt as if I'm letting myself and L down. Eventually I pulled myself together and started acting.

Here are Jo's pearls of wisdom:
  1. Babies like routine 
  2. A baby similar age should be awake 12 hours and asleep for 12 hours a day, meaning if a baby wakes up at 8:30am s/he needs to go to sleep at 8:30pm
  3. The best routine 7am/7pm, unfortunately it doens't suit our household as my husband leaves for work at 8 and I prefer to sleep so we adjusted the routine with waking up at 8:30 ish
  4. Baby should sleep only in the cot, no toys, no cushions, no entertainment in the cot. Sleeping in different places confuses baby. (As L slept on me during the day or in the carry cot by my side and it took me 2 hours to call L down as she was in a playful mood in the evening)
  5. During the day L should have naps every 2 hours
  6. To breastfeed L when awake after night, at 11am, between 2pm and 3pm, before bed time (1 hour before giving solids)
  7. To feed every 4 hours
  8. Prior to nap time close all the curtains in the room, ideally to have blackout curtains, put a sleeping bag on, soothe baby with patting and say "Shhh" and eventually baby will fall asleep
  9. Keep nap time calm and quiet 
  10. Be consistent, if baby doesn't want to settle stay with a baby for few days and then move away gradually
  11. No feeding to sleep
  12. No breastfeeding at night and it will stop so many night wakings
  13. If baby wakes up grumpy try to soothe first to see if they can nod off again rather than pick up straight away
  14. Always attend a baby if crying
During the second part of the chat Pampers representative demonstrated how other nappy brands differ from Pampers baby-dry.
Pampers Baby-Dry contain a unique combination of elements that work together to offer up to 12 hours of dryness. An Embossed Top Layer pulls liquid away quickly to keep your baby’s bottom dry, whilst the Extra Sleep Layer acts as a barrier to stop the liquid coming back to your baby’s skin. 
And Pampers special Micro Pearls™ absorb up to 30 times their weight, locking in liquid better than ordinary nappies. 
Pampers Baby-Dry nappies contain extra absorbent Micro Pearls™, so you can be reassured that a wet nappy won’t be the cause of a disturbed night’s sleep. 

We have been following Jo's advice these few weeks and our day nap massively improved since L sleeps only in the cot. I'm working on improving night sleep, but I do not mind that L stays with me as it guarantees that I won't need to fully wake up and can instantly soothe L when needed. I have recently dropped breastfeeding at night but as we are at the teething stage at the moment it is not going well. The only positive is that a wet nappy won’t be the cause of a disturbed night sleep for L.

Disclamer: I was provided with a pack of Pampers baby-dry and a skype-chat with Jo Tantum and Pampers for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are honest and my own.

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