Monday, 9 February 2015

#WeLoveBeebies Ambassador Search Application

The first part of my journey to become Beebies Baby Store Brand Ambassador began when I came across the brand on Twitter (in 2014). The wonderful items stood out as being very colourful and exciting (such as the beautiful dolls house or teepee). I have since visited the website and taken a look at the products on offer..

From a personal perspective I have seen certain items I would be willing to try on my Little L, she would look so cute in the 'Duck Baby Grow' (especially as my husband loves ducks).

The Cosatto prams/pushchairs are wonderfully designed and I like the quirky patterns.

As an ambassador, I would continue to spread the word about Beebies products and ensure that my followers/readers visit your website. I am also looking to connect with like minded ambassadors to help Beebies brand grow further and I hope with the help of Beebies that the opportunity comes my way.

I admire Ami and the way she has built the company from the ground up. It is something I aspire to do and I can genuinely say that I would be honoured to work alongside a talented young business owner.

Now at this stage your are most likely reading this application and thinking, good review but it is lacking the creative element.... think again.
After thinking long and hard about creativity and Beebies, then working out what would work. I decided to take a different approach, whilst I acknowledge the world of Youtube and me sitting in front of a camera talking, here is my alternative..

A poem about Beebies Baby Store:

Amongst the world of online stores
You shine brightly like the sun upon the shores
Products so clean and fresh
Do they make your store the best?
In my opinion there is lots to admire
From kitchens and toys to My Little L's attire
Should you make me a Beebies Ambassador
In one simple word ... 'sure'!

It is safe to say I have a knack for poetry :)

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