Friday, 6 February 2015

#Babysleep experiment day 2

Who knew that having a log of our routine will make me think and find what I needs to be changed. Second day was completely different to day 1 and made me realised that regardless of all the changes L dictates what is going to happen in the end.
Every nap time I carry L upstairs, change her into the sleeping bag, put Pampers baby-dry, close the curtains and sit with her until she falls asleep. By saying sleeping I mean L cries a lot, screams or just turns on tummy and plays with cot bar.
I have also noticed that if L wakes up at 9am feeding every 4 hours doesn't work.
The more I think about it the more I realise that maybe it's not right, or not for us. She can't fall asleep without my help, she wakes up and cries/screams, it seems that if I stay with her this will not teach her how to fall asleep on her own, how to wake up without mummy. At the same time we have tried controlled crying and L will scream the house down, sometimes will scream and won't fall asleep or will give up and fall asleep. So what is best for us?

Day 2 (Thursday):
8:28- woke up
8:30- breastfeeding
10:10- relaxing in the cot/soothing to sleep
10:20- sleeping
11:00- woke up
12:40- feeding
13:15- relaxing in the cot/soothing to sleep
13:20- sleep
14:40- woke up
16:30 feeding
16:50- breastfeeding
17:30- sleeping whilst walking
18:30- woke up
20:00- feeding
21:49- sleeping
23:40- woke up crying/ decided to co-sleep

Yesterday L was screaming at night which is very rear and unlike her.

What would you change in our routine? 

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  1. I would personally not focus on trying to get baby to sleep through. we wake several times so its natural. I have a 2 year old that still wakes in the night . we tried logging info CC etc but nothing was right for us.