Saturday, 7 February 2015

#Babysleep experiment day 3

We had a late morning on Friday, which confused me a little bit, half of the morning I was calculating what will work for us 3 hour feeds or 4 hour feeds. It is just day 3 and I'm not expecting miracles, but I'm feeling very positive! Thanks for your support, Jo (Pampers sleep expert) and my lovely readers! 

Day 3 (Friday):
9:15- woke up
9:30- breastfeeding
10:50- L was a little bit tired so I took her upstairs earlier
11:25- after lots of screaming l finally fell asleep
12:20- woke up
12:35- feeding
12:50- breastfeeding
14:25- breastfeeding
14:40- asleep
15:28- awake
16:30- feeding, didn't want much food
17:40- walk/sleeping
19:30- feeding
20:50- breastfeeding
21:00- attempting sleep
21:35- fell asleep
22:29- woke up
22:40- fell asleep
00:00- lots of crying, co-slept

Lots of crying last night again, L could only relax on my breast, so was on and off all night.

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