Monday, 9 February 2015

#Babysleep experiment day 5

Sunday was the best day so far! L slept over an hour during each nap, I couldn't believe how much spare time we had! Nights though are always the same she sleeps with me. I know that health visitors are not supporting co-sleeping but I prefer to put L next to me knowing that I can always soothe her by offering my breast rather than to sit for hours rocking her.

Day 5 (Sunday):
8:25- woke up
8:35- breastfeeding
10:00- feeling tired/grumpy
10:20- asleep
12:16- awake
12:30- breastfeeding
13:30- feeding
14:35- asleep
16:05- awake
16:20- breastfeeding
16:45- woke up
17:30- feeding
18:11- walk/sleeping
19:25- awake
21:00- breastfeeding
21:30- asleep
23:40- woke up crying/screaming/co-slept whilst wearing Pampers baby-dry

Day routine seems to be so much better than night, how to improve night routine?

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