Wednesday, 24 June 2015

What's in my changing bag?

When I'm venturing out of the house or leaving little L with grandparents I'm always trying to make sure that I have everything L would need. Sometimes my bag looks like a mess and I can't find what I'm looking for but I know that all the essentials are there, even a spare nappy is always there in case I don't have any at home :-)
So here is what I carry:

  • Breastfeeding cover in case I need to feed L when out and about
  • Teething toy and teething liquid as poor L is struggling with either molar or canine teething coming through
  • Straw bottle with water for when L is thirsty 
  • Toys to entertain L
  • Changing mat to make L's changing comfy and clean 
  • Small towel to wipe wet bum
  • Baby wipes to wipe dirty surfaces, hands and bum
  • Nappy and nappy bag 
  • Leg warmers in case if L wants to crawl but wears a cute outfit I don't want to ruin
  • Antibacterial hand gel in case if I have to pick up something dirty or wipe surfaces
  • Bib for dribble or eating
  • Food and snacks, they are not on the picture as I pick on the day what I'm going to take. Normally I would have a jar, a pouch, biscuit and a pack of puffs.
I don't normally put my phone in the bag as I prefer it to be closer e.g. in a pocket, and I don't have a purse as someone stole my purse before few times and I feel safer without one, but I do carry a little bit of cash in my pocket.

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