Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Postpartum hair loss

During my pregnancy I was chatting to other mums-to-be on different forums and none of us ever spoke or mentioned hair loss simply because we didn't know how common it is post-pregnancy.

I have obviously heard about hair loss after giving birth but I was convinced that it would never happen to me. 

It happened at once, I went to take a quick a shower when L was just few weeks old and what I saw in my hand surprised and shocked me at the same time- lots of hair in the bath and my body. Every time I washed my hair or touched them more hair would fall off. 
I was surprised but didn't take any action at first, I started noticing more and more hair in my hand, in the bath, on my pillow, on my clothes. Some day I would cry in the bath as it was so upsetting and thinking that the best solution would be to cut the hair short or to shave them all. When I have asked other new mums they said that they are experiencing exactly the same problem and that it will pass.

It is not so easy to get used to these changes, my fringe looks bare and awful, hair has no volume. It got slightly better since then but now hair loss is back with a bang! 

Luckily lovely people from Nourkrin® provided me with 3 months worth of Nourkrin® post pregnancy tablets (£29.95). 

Nourkrin® post pregnancy for hair maintenance is a safe and drug-free OTC supplement to help maintain natural, beautiful hair for new mums.

I have started using the tablets few days ago ( 1 tablet a day) and will be posting my monthly updates for you to see if it works, I hope it does!

Wish me luck!

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