Thursday, 18 June 2015

Fast Diet Kitchen Summer Ready Campaign week 3 update

Last week I went of the course a little bit, I thought that if I have a little bit of "normal" food on my fasting days that nothing won't happen or change. Indeed, my weight is exactly the same as it was on week 2, in fact it feels like I'm losing this battle.  It seems that I can't make this as a habit yet, speaking of which last Sunday I have received a 3rd e-mail from Fast Diet Kitchen with an exercising called "Habit forming".

Dendrites or neural pathways in our brains are like motorways and footpaths. The first time we learn to do something, pathways or dendrites are formed in our brains.

They become stronger and stronger the more times we do it, forming habits and leant responses.

I'm sure that for my body and mind it feels weird that I have less food, the portion size is different and the food consistency is different and all these will take longer than I thought to get used to. 

Now to the meals I had:
On Wednesday I had vegetable minestrone (159 cal) for lunch and vegetable casserole (116 cal) for dinner.
On Thursday I had delicious scotch broth (174 cal)  for lunch and vegetable chilli (194 cal) for dinner. 

I like how easy it is to cook these meals, if you are constantly on the go it will take 2 and a half minutes prep time and all ready to eat. The see through packaging allows you too see what you are about to eat, so you can pick and choose what you fancy on you fasting day.

It looks like I've lost my motivation last week, if you are in the same boat have a look at the article "12 ways to make the Fast Diet work for you" here and maybe you can find what works for you!

Disclaimer: I was sent the items mentioned above for the purpose of these weekly updates. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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