Thursday, 4 June 2015

Fast Diet Kitchen Summer Ready Campaign week 1 update

Last week I have started a 5:2 diet plan, which means that you can eat everything for 5 days and other 2 days fast (500 cal per day).

I decided that will fast on Wednesdays and Thursday as would hate to miss out on chili con carne and pulled pork.

My weight before I started the diet was 92.9 kg or 14.6st (204 lb), the next day after fasting my weight was 91.2 kg, but over the weekend I'm back to 92.9 kg. I don't feel any difference so far, apart from the next day I feel more energised and my face was thinner.

Last week was a little bit tough, on day 1 I was extremely hungry and on day 2 I had a horrible migraine which didn't help at all.

As Fast Diet Kitchen supplied me with meals for 3 weeks I had a huge variety of meals to choose from.
Day 1 consisted of fruits throughout the day and garden pea & mint soup (150 cal) for lunch and aromatic chicken curry (190 cal) for dinner. 

Day 2 consisted of fruits again throughout the day and hearty 3 bean soup (213 cal) for lunch and butternut risotto (184 cal) for dinner.

I liked that meals are not powdered and you can see what is inside each packaging. All packaging has clear information about calories, ingredients and how to cook instructions. 
Suits those that don't cook, have no time to or out and about as it just takes 2 and a half minutes in microwave and it's done.

Garden pea and mint soup is something I have never tried before. 
As peas are normally overpowering but with a mint the taste wasn't too bad, quite an interesting flavour actually! 
Butternut risotto was my favourite meal of the week as I'm a big fan of rice and can eat overcooked, under cooked rice and the more the better!

Can't weight to new week of fasting and trying new Fast Diet Kitchen meals.

Disclaimer: I was sent the items mentioned above for the purpose of these weekly updates. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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