Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Little L's birth story

I wanted to share my experience with you guys as I haven't done it yet, and it's been 1 year since I gave birth!
I still remember how quick it all went and always wanted to write it down so it stays in my memory forever!

20 June 2014 was my due date, but I didn't have any signs of contractions which was for the best at the time as we were in the middle of the move from our house to parents house and then to a new rented flat (some of you may recall the accident we had with neighbours which meant that we were force to move). 

I have agreed to have a sweep on 28th as I didn't want induction I was hoping that things will start after the sweep.

The sweep was quick but very uncomfortable, I have felt a little bit weird and few minutes later started to have weird pains, it wasn't too bad but enough for me to feel tired and I fell asleep on the in laws sofa whilst my husband and in laws were sorting our new place. 
Later in the evening of 28th June and 29th I had stronger contractions, which were getting worse and worse. I couldn't sleep as it was uncomfortable and unbearable. My husband decided that we need to start things going and ordered curry and bought some pineapples. It is hard to say if that worked but next day 30th I gave birth. 

I will never forget the moment when in laws brought curry and because I was a little bit embarrassed to make noise helping out to deal with my pain I had to lean silently on my ball and cover my face as they were watching me.  
At around 9 pm on 29th June we decided to call the hospital (we have previously called them but they said that I need to have 3 contractions in 10 minutes and then I will have to go) as I wanted to be checked. I could hardly walk and contractions were getting closer, I was convinced that I am half way dilated but according to the midwife I was 2 cm. They offered me co-codamol, which didn't work and asked if I want to stay but my husband wasn't allowed. 

It felt so wrong to stay in a hospital without my husband and I opted to go home. It was the worse night, contractions were getting worse, no matter how tired I was I couldn't sleep, at that point I was almost 2 nights without any sleep. The only option was to stay in a bath whilst my husband had some nap. The last recorded contraction I have at 3:40am I must of fell asleep for few minutes as that moment is a little bit blurry, I started to feel that I'm literally ready to give birth. L was pushing and wanted to get out and I couldn't stop it. I had to call husband whilst holding my hand down there as it was helping with pain and hoping that that way I will stall L for a bit.

My husband had to call the midwife who advised to call ambulance. This is not something I have ever imagined will happen, whilst my husband was on the phone with a midwife as she wanted to stay on the phone and to hear my voice which I thought as ridiculous as when ambulance operator asked me to spell my name! Just bare with me a second I need to go through several contractions and I will answer all you questions!

So having to phones in my ear, as midwife wanted to go through the breathing and operator wanted to be on the line to go through my details and condition! Whilst on the phone my mucus plug came out which in my state of panic felt and looked weird as I wasn't sure what it was until midwife told me.  As I was totally naked I had to rush to get dressed as wasn't ready for strangers to see me naked.

Couple of minutes later ambulance arrived, thankfully we live just 5-10 minutes away from the hospital. The moment I was introduced to gas an air I felt so much better, every contraction I had I was breathing the gas in and it felt so good and relaxing. I remember when the guy asked me question I had to stop and think or concentrate on what I was trying to say as it felt as if I'm drunk. Few minutes later, which to me were the longest few minutes we have arrived to the hospital and wheeled into the birthing pool room.

Upon the check midwife said that I'm fully dilated and we have no time for the pool. Oh my, the ring of fire exists!! I didn't want to hold my husband's hand, I couldn't stay quiet as pain was unbearable and I had to apologise for the noise I made which now seems a little bit silly! I remember I was also asked if I wanted to touch L's head which I refused to do as I could feel her head stuck there anyway!

And there she was born on 30th June at 5:32 am, my little princess! 

I must say there are few things I'm not happy with the way they were handled:

- I thought that it is ridiculous to ask a woman which is about to give birth details over the phone this is something my husband deal with
- the whole idea of not being admitted to hospital if you don't have 3 contractions in 10 minutes didn't work for me hence I ended up in an ambulance. I do believe if they allowed my husband to stay with me, it all wouldn't be so stressful and rushed!

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