Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Little L is 11 months

I can't believe that in less than a month L will be 1!! 

Development/milestones/character: L is quite a character! She could be cuddly and smiley one second and then changes to a little active munchkin, by active I mean she has enormous amount of energy! She wants to be picked up quite often or just won't let go of me or my leg. Recently I have noticed that she will interrupt my telephone conversations and will start crying until I stop chatting on a phone. I have absolutely no problem with her being clingy if that's what she wants then so be it. I do leave her in her playroom when I need to do things but she won't last long on her own and will play longer if I'm there.
Last weekend I have witnessed L making her first 3 steps! I wasn't holding her just securing with my arm at the front and she made 3 steps! 
Apart from being a little energiser bunny, L is ticklish on her chest which is so cute! She started to wave good bye and is interested in ribbons, zips, boxes, sticks more than her own toys and loves cartoons and dancing!

Sleep: it's always a roller coaster for us. For the past 2 weeks it changed from very good to not so good. As she has a cold for few weeks now she won't soothe herself to sleep like she used to and will nap for no more than 30 minutes if in cot and then will cry and need soothing. We have to tiptoe when leaving the room otherwise she will wake up. Just when I thought that L is ready to move to the nursery everything went downhill. For the past couple of days L won't nap in the morning, she will literally nod off for a minute and then happy and awake as if nothing happened! I'm not sure yet if it's a new routine change and will have to monitor it for the next few weeks.

Clothing: L is still wearing 6-9 months outfits (depending on a brand) and fits in some 9-12 months outfits but generally they are too long

Feeding: L is nursing first thing in the morning, then around 11-12, then around 3 and last time before bed time.

Teeth: L still has 8 teeth and seems like we have a little break from teething, phew (touch wood)! 

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