Monday, 29 June 2015

Days Out: Folly Farm Adventure park and Zoo, Pembrokshire

I must say that our visit was a little bit darkened on the day due to a little misunderstanding between in-house PR and private PR company working for Folly Farm. No one expected us on the day and a Folly Farm staff member was going back and forth several time just to clarify my name and what I'm there for, after quite a long and awkward wait we were told that our tickets (adult £10.95, £8.96 if bought online) expired in March which didn't make any sense at all as I have approached PR in April. It wasn't the greatest start especially as we had little one and no one bothered to apologise for the wait and inconvenience caused, next time I would prefer to buy tickets rather than to go through the same embarrassment on the day. 

We are a very special zoo park in South Wales where you can make all sorts of farmyard friends!

Meet our friendly sheep, pigs, donkeys, horses, chickens and all sorts of other farmyard creatures.

We also introduce visitors to many exotic species, with keeper talks and feeding times which help you to understand a bit more about some of our wilder residents. You will also discover a whole host of fascinating facts by taking our Zoolympic Challenge Trail.

We have visited Folly Farm whilst we stayed in Bluestone Wales in May and apart from the rocky start we really enjoyed the Farm and the Zoo. 
As we arrived to the Folly Farm car park we then followed the sign telling us to go under the underpass as the Farm itself is across the road. 
Upon you arrival you will be given a map so that you can decide where you want to go first. 

We went to Jolly barn first where you saw different types of hens and cockerels, Shire horse- the biggest horse I have ever seen, donkeys, goats, a cute little incubator section where you and kids can learn a little bit more about little chicks and much more.

As we were about to leave the section when we have noticed that in the Cwtch corner the staff member was holding a rabbit which we could hold and stroke.

On the way to the Zoo section we have seen outdoor Adventure play area with an interesting welsh red dragon playground, big pirate ship activity area, go-karts, pedal tractors, big wheel.

The Zoo for me was the best part and I can tell that L enjoyed it as well. As she is still little I could see that she enjoyed penguins more as they were constantly moving. We have seen absolutely beautiful little marmoset monkeys, giraffes, lions, cute meerkats, lemur, ocelot, we haven't seen a skunk itself but we could definitely smell it.

We have spent about and hour and a half in the Folly Farm without stopping in the Adventure play area the activities were for older kids but it would be great if Folly Farm could have something for smaller kids as well.

Now looking at the map I have noticed a Follywood area which myself or my husband haven't seen any signs for on the day. I remember that on the way back to the car park we saw a couple walking in the same underpass but in the different "tunnel" and I was wondering where this tunnel leads. It such a shame that we have missed the nature trail as it would be lovely to investigate that part of the Farm, till the next time I guess!

Disclaimer: I were provided with a free entry for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. What a fantastic day out! It looks like there is so much to see and do! x

  2. We also went to Folly Farm whilst at Bluestone and I'd go as far as to say it was the favourite part of my holiday apart from the Lazy River in the water park at Bluestone which I was addicted to.

    We paid to get in (didn't think of reviewing) so we had no such trouble getting in. I've done a YouTube video about our day (not had chance to do a post) if you fancy a watch.

    Hopping here from #TriedTested.

    Liska @NewMumOnline xx

  3. It's a shame that your lovely day was marred by a bit of poor organisation. These things happen though I guess.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x