Thursday, 25 June 2015

Fast Diet Kitchen Summer Ready Campaign week 4 update

This week I feel a bit down, it has been 4 weeks since I have started Fast Diet Kitchen summer campaign and haven't achieved anything yet, having an active baby doesn't really help either.
I know what I should be doing and what should be avoided but I just can't concentrate on eating and it seems that with lack of food I'm not able to function during the day. 

Over the weekend I have received an exercise number 4 from Fast Diet Kitchen called "How are we doing?".

Whether you feel you are doing really well or whether you feel you haven’t quite got there yet, now is the time to look to see what improvements we can make and how.
If you are doing brilliantly then this exercise will help your momentum and pave the way for future weeks. 

I had to valuate from 1 to 10 boxes below depending on how great the obstacle is for me.1 being not an obstacle at all and 10 being a major obstacle or block.

This should help to understand what I need to tackle in the next 7 days.

Last week I went as far as looking at pictures of celebs as I thought that it will keep my motivations going and it did work for a little while. I really, really want to look great, to feel comfortable in my own body but it looks like I'm my own enemy at the moment.

Food wise last week I had:
On Wednesday I had pea and ham soup for lunch (213 cal) and smoky sausage & butter bean casserole(316) for dinner.
On Thursday I had carrot and coriander soup (141 cal) for lunch and vegetable cous cous (163 cal) for dinner.

I really enjoyed eating soups last weeks, but it is never enough for me as I'm breastfeeding hungry mother :-) 
I have also noticed that all dinners I have tried are quite watery and it never feel me up, the same with water it is refreshing but won't make me feel fuller.

I will try to do my best this week and hopefully will achieve something in the next couple of weeks.

Disclaimer: I was sent the items mentioned above for the purpose of these weekly updates. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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