Friday, 7 March 2014

Pregnancy+ app review

When we shared with our close friends and relatives about my pregnancy I have been told that there are all sorts of phone apps which we can download to be up to date with the development of our baby.

As far as I remember I have tried at least 6 different ones, I have kept 1 of them, which still remains in my phone and I check it from time to time.

Couple of weeks ago Health& Parenting introduced me to the new app called “Pregnancy+”. It is a free app (available on the App Store for Ipad, Iphone, Ipod touch) for the first 13 weeks and then you can upgrade it for £1.99.

Key features of Pregnancy + include:
Interactive, full size, high quality images for every week of the pregnancy along with size guides so you can experience the weight and length of your baby week by week
Unique user interface that can be personalised easily
Daily tips and actions including what to eat, how much to eat and what to stay away from, to keep the growing baby safe and healthy
Timeline of important medical appointments including ultrasounds, gender scan and tests that should be scheduled
Organizer to keep track of important doctor visits, to-dos, phone numbers, shopping lists, hospital bag necessities and more than 2,000 baby names to choose from
Kick counter to enable moms to track their baby’s movements, and a contraction counter for when the big day arrives.

Today sections offers you a quick and up to date information about duration of your pregnancy, baby's development, daily Health & Parenting blog posts, appointments, task and much more

I have synced my appointment with my phone calendar and had my first reminder on time.

Play section plays 3d full size image of a baby with information about weight and length.

Fascinating to watch, amazing addition to the app.
Baby section keeps you up to date with Health & Parenting blog; weekly detailed information about baby, your body, health & tips and even information for partners and kick counter.

I may not be too keen on checking daily blog updates, but I certainly check weekly baby development 

Me section includes guides to food, labour, exercise and medical related information, weight tracker, images of growing belly (where you can upload yours to a relevant month), birth plan, appointments (which you can sync with you phone calendar), to do list.

I always have my diary handy where I record my appointment, weight gain, but may not always have it on me, therefore think it is very useful to have everything in one app.

In More section you can pick your baby's name, check what you need to have in hospital bag and what's left to buy, as well as you can save important telephone numbers, count contractions and change app settings.

Baby names have all sorts of name variations (e.g. Canadian. French top 500 names), in case if not planning to have typical English name or born in a different country and want to keep traditions within family; hospital bag is something I was very impressed with as now i definitely know what I need to buy, to put in the bag not only for myself or baby but for my husband as well.

To be honest with you at first I thought that this app is no different to others, but I warmed up to it as I saw lots of useful sections.

Recommendation- Play section is an amazing addition to the app, but you can't fast forward or replay specific sections, the only option is to pause it and if you missed your week you have to go again. That is something which I feel needs improving.

The Pregnancy + App is available free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or follow the link.

Disclaimer: I have been offered to review the app, Health & Parenting reimbursed me for the full version of the app. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Pictures were used from H&P website and from the app itself.

The post in written in collaboration with guest poster- my other half.


  1. I use this app every day, I absolutely love it! It's great to see how baby J is developing, and has tons of great information. :)

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    Great review x

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