Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Little L is 28 months old

My darling L is getting older every months and this is something I need to get the grips with. 
L started nursery in September and since then she had her ups and downs. I was a little bit worried that her personality may change from sociable, open little girl to shy and quiet, but I was so wrong which I'm happy about.

We didn't get up to much last month as L was/is ill most of the time but I do hope when she gets better she will be her usual adventurous, cheeky self!

Lots of talking, not long sentences but trying to make sense of words, repeating words no matter if they are in English or Russian, counting, saying colours coming a long nicely! Even though L talks to us properly, sometimes she still makes baby babble noises which is incredibly cute.

I keep thinking if I should take her to another baby ballet trial lesson, but not sure that she is ready yet, as toddlers need to listen to instructions and be able to do what they are told to, which is something we are working on at the moment.

I can't wait till proper winter and Christmas as L understands and remember things properly now it would be lovely to make our own traditions and have some fun with snow, if we get the chance.

Lets see what the next month brings! 


  1. Aww! How lovely! She sounds like she is doing so well.
    Christmas is so exciting when they understand more.

  2. Hope she feels better next month.

  3. It will be an amazing Christmas with a little one at almost 2 and half and there is a good chance of snow this year so be prepared to make lots of magical memories.

  4. My little boy is nearly 21 months old and I'm dreading him starting nursery. He is completely different to my oldest and I'm quite worried he might not settle. I'm rather looking forward to Christmas this year too as they are a bit older. I know my son will be more interested in the boxes and wrapping paper though lol