Wednesday, 23 November 2016

L's progress at the nursery

L has been attending nursery for 2 months now, seems not long but it does feel like it's been a long time ago. We had ups and downs,  I had my concerns but I think now I finally realised that it is the best place to be for L.

If you may recall I have been in few nurseries prior to picking the one and only and some of them were a definite "no-no" where as others had room for improvement but not enough for me to go with them. When L started nursery I expected everything to go smoothly, knowing that she is such an outgoing kid she would blend it straightaway, but I didn't realise that leaving her there would be upsetting.

I remember the first weeks weeks being a bit of hell, I was calling nursery to check on L and they would call me straight after lunch saying that she is not well, not eating, sleeping or just nor being herself. I could never imagine how many bugs you can pick up form nursery, even now 2 months later and numerous viral infections, cold, under the weather days, L still has runny nose every so often.

My husband didn't really take part in "selection process" hence he has lots of doubts and cannot wait to express them at parents evening. He doesn't like the price,  he doesn't like that every week nursery tend to lose our things, he doesn't like that L is ill all the time, there are so many arguments against this place that sometimes I just have to shut my ears and it only makes me doubt  if I made the right choice.
I do know it is the best place for L, she is fed, looked after, sleeps, finally did her first wee in the potty there yesterday, she is happy! During the first few weeks I saw tears every time I dropped off and picked up L from nursery where as now she goes a little quiet or would go to see her new friends and will be jumping around not noticing me when I'm there to pick her up.

Of course I am too concerned about her constant colds, missing things, potty training issues but seeing L smile there and being able to eat someone else's food with and without help is a great achievement for a fussy eater.

It would be nice of course if nursery had a proper log of what L has learned throughout the day, and other things she was up to but I think I will keep this one till parents evening. 

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