Friday, 18 November 2016

Review: Noddy's remote control car from Spinmaster

Couple of weeks ago my darling L has received new Noddy remote control car (£23.99) to test. I remember seeing something Noddy related online but haven't actually read a book or watched cartoon. For those who don't know who Noddy is, it's a book character who lives in Toyland and up for an adventure or challenge.

Noddy remote control car is a toddler friendly toy as suitable from 2 years old. Noddy itself is made of rubber material and permanently attached to the car's seat where as the car and remote control are made of plastic. From what I have seen online Noddy and car called Revs look very similar to book characters.

Now to the main features:
- the car and remote control are both battery operated (require 7 AAA batteries which are not included)
- car's headlight will light up if the button at the back of the car is pressed
- remote control has 2 musical buttons (backwards and forward) suitable for little hands to press
L only needed few attempts to understand that she needs to press one button at a time. Once one of the buttons is pressed the toy makes engine or horn alike noises. I would have never thought that remote control car can be suitable for toddlers but with it's easy to press buttons it makes operating a car a doddle. Noggy (that's how L calls Noddy) has been thoroughly tested by L and thankfully survived it all. 
We couldn't find any faults with the toy, it seems very durable, fun to play with and I like it's lively, bright colours. The only downside for us as parents was the amount of batteries required, I managed to find 7 AAA batteries but it would be so much better if at at least 3 or 4 of them were already included.
Apart from batteries and for those who can't afford to invest Noddy by itself makes a great toy, L likes playing with it, pretending that she is helping Noddy to drive his red and yellow vehicle and by placing new characters onto the back seat of the car. I wonder what adventures lie ahead for Noddy and L..

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. My nephew would have loads of adventures with Noddy must say i love him too

  2. I loved noddy as a child and I love that my girls do now. This looks fab X #triedtested

  3. Oh that looks fab! That is a lot of batteries though! Wow. I bet Boo would love this =)

  4. These are selling like hot cakes - but make a great kiddy's Christmas gift if you can get hold of one!