Monday, 3 October 2016

Review: Wooden click clack track

When L was a little bit younger she used to put a coin or something small through the back of the ironing board and would watch it slide through different sections, something so simple yet so mesmerising! 
I have came across few alternative but only decided to buy one after seeing it's bigger version in L's nursery. I wanted for L to have fun with a real toy as well as help her to make positive associations with the nursery, and that's how I bought her wooden click clack track from Amazon (£9.95). 

The toy is a little bit smaller than I expected and comparing to the bigger one at the nursery (my fault for not checking dimensions: 28cm x 24.5cm x 10cm), but ideal size if you don't have too much space/running out of toy free space. 
The toys itself is suitable from 18 month old, with it being wooden and not to heavy L was able to lift it and carry form one place to another. The toy consists of 4 colourful tracks and 4 little cars (included in the box). Principal is very simple- use 1 or several mini cars from the set by placing them on the top (red) track and watch and listen to them slide or click clack along the way down from the track onto the ground. 

L and I have tried different fun combinations of using the toy- set all 4 cars off at the same time (potentially can get stuck if released at the same time), release each car from different track, push the car down from the lower track, push the car down from the track which colour coordinates with it, don't think we can try anything else but it was very fun to discover what works better.

L has been using the toy since August and seems to be enjoy using it or playing with mini cars. It may have a scratch or two but nothing major and it won't affect the use at all. You don't have to be a liker of cars or to be a boy to enjoy the wooden click clack track.

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  1. My son loved playing with this toy when he was younger and watching the cars slide down