Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Little L is 27 months old

Last month was a little bit different for us, L had settling in session at nursery and a week later went for her first full day, which didn't go to plan. She has managed to catch a cold and hand, foot and mouth there, and I started to doubt my choice, but no one will ever look after L the way I do, so of course they are not as perfect than me!

For the first time in L's life I took her to measure feet which was possibly for the best as I thought she is still size 5, but we were told that in fact she is size 6.5!!

Did we hit troublesome two's?! Hard to say, she became even more attached to me due to nursery, would insist on having dummy all the time otherwise would cry, would pretend that her tummy hurts every day,  would refuse to put the trousers, nappies on or take them off, is that's the sign that we hit that stage?! I'm not complaining, L is my beloved daughter and I keep admiring her no matter what! 

I hope all the dust settles down and we will have our L back soon!

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