Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Battle with the weight: update 7

I did it! I forced myself to leave a house and to register with a gym! It's not your usual gym though, firstly it's a women's only gym and it's just across the road form our house which is perfect for me! When I popped it to see what it looks like I was really surprise to see so many women, no mirrors (which is a little bit dramatic, I would prefer to see myself being fat to motivate me even further and then to motivate myself by seeing success), no music as you have to listen for the buzzer that goes off ever so often meaning that you need to move from one exercise to another.

I have bought a Groupon voucher as I didn't want to pay for yearly membership if I wasn't sure if I can remain motivated to attend the gym. One of the instructors combined a list of exercises I need to do on their gym equipment and with the mat which for now seems like a doddle and not to hard. I have been there twice and I feel like I haven't done much, which I have told them but they are insisting that I should follow the plan and do only one 30 minute circuit at a time. 
But as it doesn't seem enough I pushed myself to go on a treadmill and to do more exercises at home. I think I overdid during the weekend as my abs were hurting badly for few days but I prefer pain to be a sign that it works rather than not to feel a thing.

My sister said that I have lost weight, I cannot say for sure but I'm back on track with losing weight which is amazing! 

How are you doing with your weight loss?


  1. You are doing well
    Soinds like your abs are firmingcup already especially ifvyou get pain
    Thry are probably right - they advise small sjarp burst of exercise as its better for you

  2. I joined my local energie fitness for women a while ago and lost a few lbs just in time for holiday. They were really helpful in varying routines so you don't get bored and feel more motivated

  3. Well done! I found it was a godsend for me when we were given a dog, I now walk for 2 hours a day between my shifts at work, the little bits really do make a difference!