Monday, 10 October 2016

Review: Schleich Large Farm With Animals & Accessories

Little L is a massive fan of farm animals, she would offer them food, try to give them a stroke or even copy sounds they make. Few weeks ago we had a very exciting delivery from Schleich farm range- large farm with animals & accessories worth £99.99 (suitable from 3 years old to 8 years) which will help L nurture her love for animals, learn how to care for them and what life is like on the farm for pigs and cows. 

"As a friend of children and partner for parents and teachers, Schleich is helping children worldwide develop their fantasy, creativity and personality through imaginative play".

The box itself is bigger than I have imagined having said that with the handle attached it makes it so much easier to carry. Once I have opened the box (L couldn't wait longer) we saw lots of different large and small parts, accessories and toys in individual bags and a book with illustrated manual. I didn't notice any parts or bags being labeled but I have unpacked each bag in order they were mentioned in the manual.
 Instructions were very useful, detailed enough (with pictures) and easy to follow which allowed me to put the farm together within an hour with no additional tools.
All materials and accessories looks very sturdy and durable and I'm sure will last us a while if looked after properly.
Most of the parts from the set are made to "slide together" or can be easily attached into the slots. Whilst I was putting the farm together I was watching L looking through all the parts and toys, she even managed to have a little "taster" session with some of the food accessories from the set.
Once Schleich Large Farm was ready to be played with I let L to discover the farm and to play with little accessories under my supervision as I knew that if I wasn't there all little things would be lost. 

Tip: And here a little tip from me- if your little one is known to lose little toys, I would suggest to keep all the flimsy and small parts in the box and attach them once you have joined the playtime. 
I am very impressed with how much thought went into designing the farm and every single big or small accessory that maybe in use and needed on the farm as well as true likeness toys- farmer "Sam", cow with little caff and pig. Every single toy and accessory have been hand painted and have very realistic textures which make it an incredibly unique set for a child or collector (yes, I wouldn't be surprised to find few adults collecting these perfectly designed toys). 
Some of the features:
- sliding wide door, other doors and windows can be opened and closed
- plastic grey fencing slides to allow access from one part of the farm house to another or can be completely removed depending on your imagination
- windowsill flower baskets  as well as "flowers" can be attached or removed
- yellow massage brush for farm animals can be moved to give a feel of reality 
- removable roof that allows you to create more light in the farm house and allows to reach for things with ease and move toys easily
- "bale" claw which is attached to "metal ceiling beams" moves from one part of the farm house to another allowing to move square bales of hay or other accessories 
- designated areas from grooming with large rubber mat, pen with straw bed
- accessories: wheelbarrow, fork, drinking bowl, bucket, water trough, milk can, crate, ladder, hay; feed for pigs: crisp lettuce, beetroot, boiled potatoes.
You can create different variations of play by adding or removing accessories like fencing or grass hedges, we haven't use all accessories at once due to the size of the coffee table but if we put table on the floor we have more space to work around and more things to add.
L and I have thoroughly enjoyed playing with Schleich Large Farm and farm animals included in the set. If L walks passed her activity room she would always go back to play with the set be it just farm animals or the farm house. L recognised animals straightaway and have learned a lot about their eating and grooming habits. Large size of the farm house allows you to expand your child's imagination with introducing other Schleich animals or accessories ( can be purchased separately) or other toys you may have available at the time. Very versatile toy which offers great play value! 

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. We're huge fans of Schleich toys and you can always add more animals to play with later. Have fun with your farm :o)


  2. We Adore this range
    Hopefully we'll be adding to our collection x when father Christmas comes x

  3. I really like Schleich toys, they're so well made!