Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Starting Well Event at the local Town Hall

Yesterday me and L have visited the local Starting Well Event hold my our local Council. I saw a leaflet in the newspaper and as it's just 10-15 minutes walks and free I thought it is a great opportunity for L to meet other kids, do some crafts and run around. 

We arrived a little bit earlier as I envisaged lots of parents and kids at this free event. 
Upon arrival I was asked to complete a form to register with local children centres and we were given a tote bag and a bag with few books and leaflets for L.

As the soft play ares wasn't ready yet we went to see what was going on on different stands:
- table with crafts for older kids
- messy tray with oats
- childcare 
- oral care
- weaning
- free snacks and drinks
- face painting
- Bounce and Rhyme and much more

I think I have seen someone doing their manicure there as well as I could smell nail varnish not far from Kinder Gym zone.

Whilst we were waiting for Kinder Gym zone to be open I have managed to speak to weaning experts who said that there is nothing to worry about, L puts weight steadily and can't fit in all I want her to eat as she still has a small stomach

oral hygiene expert who looked at L's teeth as I was worried that she has a decay from fruit as we don't give her anything sweet/sugary, we played with a puppet  and cleaned it's teeth, were advised not to use electric toothbrushes until 5-6 years old etc; 

I spoke to NCT representative and possibly told her too much about out breastfeeding experience and later found out that she wasn't able to breastfeed due to health condition (that learned me to keep my mouth shut); 

discussed 2 and 3 year funding as well as childcare vouchers which was useful but need to look this up online; 

we walked passed crafts table as I have noticed small tubs of glitter which with L would be on the floor straightaway; 

we have met a bear mascot and listened to a lovely story and nursery rhymes and of course popped bubbles in the end;

tried a smoothie maker bike which generates energy for a blender whilst you cycle; 

couldn't walk passed face painting, L was a little bit anxious at first and smothered most of it but when she saw herself in the mirror was happy to see a flower on her cheek;

the last but not least was Kinger Gym where they had different colourful sections, slide, hoops just like soft play. L wasn't sure what to do at first but once she saw other kids she just repeated what they did.

It was a great event and L enjoyed herself, but I think maybe there was too much going on as she seemed more reserved than ever.

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