Monday, 7 March 2016

Review: FabLittleBag tampon disposal bags

I have never used tampons as a teenager as was told that it is not recommended for younger girl who are not yet a woman. But once the did was done I bought my first pack of tampons and never looked back! 
Couple of weeks ago I came across FabLittleBag tampon disposal bags for girls and women.

"FabLittleBag is a new small bag to finally provide women and girls with the opportunity to dispose of their tampons in a discreet, hygienic and easy way".

I have received a bathroom pack with 20 FabLittleBags (£2.99) inside and a handbag pack with 5 FabLittleBags (£1.99) available from "Waitrose and Ocado and available online through specialist sanitary product distributors Sanitary Owl and later this year, Pink Parcel". 

Essentially FabLittleBag is a cleaner, discreet and mess free way of disposing tampons or even panty liners/sanitary towels (there is more than enough space for that as well).

The bags can be open with one hand due to it's patented green loops, you just have to put a thumb and index finger through the loops, pop the tampon or whatever you are trying to dispose of, unpeel the seal, put in the bin..done!

Bathroom pack is a small plastic bag with a perforated line for easy opening. It contains 20 FabLittleBags which could either be used at home or work as a re-fill pack for handbag pack. 
Handbag pack's envelop is made from a more robust material as meant to be kept clean with other bits and pieces in a woman's bag.

FabLittleBags "are made from 35% organic material and are oxo-bio-degradable".
I have used one of the bags whilst was away enjoying my belated birthday Spa day and it was a truly handy item as I couldn't find any tissue or toilet close to women's changing room.

It seems a little bit pricey to use the bags every day especially with my periods lasting a week but I think it has a potential. I have been in pretty mucky toilets at schools, airports, hospitals, pubs and the list goes on..but I truly believe if one tries to dispose of intimate rubbish in a cleaner, less messier way, one can set an example for others. I think this could be a great example for younger generation as well as an interesting and useful item to keep in their school bags. 
But not only that, you also keep sewers clean, free from blockage and if you didn't find a bin you can keep FabLittleBag safely in your bag until one is found.

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Oh my eldest daughter is not too far away from periods but in time, this may be a good product for her to use. Will keep this min mind. Thanks! #TriedTested

  2. These would be perfect for girls at school or college. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. These look great for disposing of discretely