Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Little L is 21 months

Little L is growing way too fast for my liking. Couple of days ago my husband watched me and L and said that I look at her with pure love and admiration. 
Her stubbornness is something my husband and I are trying to deal in our own ways. 
We have been to a local event for new mums and mums-to-be and L behaved really well, I could never imagine that she would calmly stand by my side. As always she was a little bit stalky with kids, but she just loves to interact with them.

Cleaning teeth used to be a bit of a nightmare as L would refuse to do it herself, but it seems that few times in a naughty corner (by the wall) with a further explanation why she is there and what she needs to do helped and if she is messing with a toothbrush she will then allow me to clean teeth properly, hopefully it stays that way!

Sleeping wise we had couple of good afternoon naps where L didn't need me in a room and slept on her own for hour and a half, it is still hit and miss but I do hope it will be something permanent in the nearest future. Night sleeps though are hit and miss as well, we had couple of weeks of evenings L-free (she wakes up at 11pm and then I put her in our bed), and recently she started to wake up again, in that case I would carry her downstairs so that she can sleep in my arms. 

Overall, apart from tantrums and not wanting to leave the place, toys, sit in a pushchair, need to be carried I really enjoy L's company!

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